Not quite long,I was in a popular fast food outlet in Ogba known as Tantalizer to pick up cake.
Immediately, I was about entering, the door was left opened ajar with no security personnel around, so I used my hand to open the door.
When I entered, I have to tread softly looking around to be cocksure if I am in the right place.
When I got to one of the female attendant, in order to douse my doubt, I asked the female attendant if truly they provide on spot cake but she answered in the affirmative.
I waited for few minutes in order to get a fresh one.
While I was waiting, I was overwhelmed by waves of memory that made me to ask so many questions.
My questions boil down to the fact that Tantalizer and some other fast foods have become shadow of their old self.
I could recollect and remember in the early year 2000 when Tantalizer and Mr Biggs were the household name in the fast food service sector in Nigeria then and they are the Eldorado that will knew then in Nigeria.
They are places many look up to as a source of relaxation centre then.
Suddenly,they started expanding.While Mr Biggs was taking the lead then, Tantalizer ensured that they give Me.Biggs stiff competition then by ensuring that they site any of their outlet like few metres away to anywhere Mr.Biggs is.
The icing on the cake was when Mr Biggs started expanding to the extent that around 2003 and 2004 when I got back to Ilesa from school and I was told that Mr.Biggs is now somewhere in Ilesa–Imo to be precise.
I couldn’t believe my eyes having such in my place of residence then.
The expansion was good and a welcome idea but on what business model or idea was it based on?
Suddenly, clients and customers started complaining about variation in the service being rendered by one Mr Biggs outlet in differential to another one.
In the course if this complains,we heard that UAC as a company started using a kind of business model called Franchising.
To the best of my knowledge,franchising entails the sales of business name to would be interested parties or partners involving the partner or parties running and managing any of the outlet desired by the parties done in conformity and in accordance to laid down consensual agreement.
This was the beginning of days of woes and wanton destruction of what we knew Mr Biggs for until many of the outlets became nothing but a shadow of what is known for even the one at Ilesa was shut down when it got to a point that they were unable to power the outlet whenever there is power outage.
Though,I don’t have information about Tantalizer been franchised too but what I saw today made me to think along that part.It has also become what Mr Biggs is.
The two leaders in the fast food service sector in Nigeria have gone yonder within a decade of existence and expansion.
This is what I noticed recently in the course of the last public holiday while I was in a meeting with some of my colleagues in one of Domino’s outlet in Egbeda, I spent my time observing the quality of their service and I realized that in a couple of years, Domino too might fizzle out.

Even the one in Abule-Egba too is becoming a shadow gradually.
It is appalling why the kind of business model used in running the day to day activities of many corporate organization in Nigeria is not sustainable, though the economic woes if the country also contribute a large extent to this.
In spite of the low economic ebb of our country, a paranomic observation of the kind of lifestyle adopted by many business executives is against what can sustain a business established in an already toxic environment.
The largesse and excesses of many of the business executives is beyond what can make a business to survive which call for a situation whereby our so called managers and executive managers should be prudent and frugal in the kind of lifestyles adopted by them.

Nigeria as a country needs sustainable business model not business model that favours the top class executives alone leaving the lower cadre staff at the mercy of surviving with stipends at the end of the month.

It is high time we think of business model and adopt business idea that can weather the storm of economic woes to the point whereby such business can outlive those who started it and might end up becoming an heirloom just like McDonald’s,Coca- Cola and other multinationals that are standing firm for decades.


It is never the numbers of business outlets that matters or the drive for expansion that matters but the strength to manage the resources on ground at a particular point in time.


It is better to manage the little you have than having much but mismanaging it.


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What are the 10 ways of becoming truthful with yourself

There is no doubt about it that many cultures and the overall human existence believed in the existence of demons,witches,wizards and all sorts of existence in the dark world.
Ephesians 6 verse 12 buttresses this believe and understanding which has made many Christians to believe in their existence and influence on the surface of the heart.
This made many religious gathering to have their contents and contexts been about winning and having victory over these demonic existence believed to be in control of the terrestrial and celestial existence.
Are they real?
No doubt about it,they are real and they are all out been commissioned to influence the destiny of men.
Now,this is my drift.
As I was in the laundry washing clothes just now,a content along this line of thought popped into my mind and I had a different view about what principalities and powers are.
Then,what are they?
Do you know that you might be your own principalities and power?
Do you know that the system been operated in your environment, Society,places of work, families and homes might be principalities and powers?
Do you know that your behaviour, attitude and characters might be the principalities and powers you need to contest with?
Do you know that your views about a subject matter or a particular endeavour might be your principalities and powers?
Do you know that your confession and overall expression might be your principalities and powers?
Do you know that lack of wisdom, knowledge and understanding might be your principalities and powers?
Life has taught me that the solutions to any challenge remains unattainable till you have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what could trigger the solution.
You are where you are today due to what you know and you will remain there till you know what you should know that have the potential to move you forward.
While many of us spend a large percentage of our time and season binding the devil,we should remember that we might be the devil that needs to be in chain.
A simple understanding of what attitudinal and behavioural change are all about might be enough to change your prospects and your fortunes.
While you as a Christian is busy running from pillar to post and from one mountain to another,you should remember that other people are not praying about what you are bothered about.

They just align themselves with the basic principles of life that ends up attracting their solutions.
Whenever you keep praying and fasting over an issue for a long time, endeavour to appraise and check yourself if you are not the source of the problem.

If you are the source of the problem, you will be the solution to it.
Every Christian should be careful of hypocrisy in their approach to spirituality.
God does not want irresponsible children.
God is bound to fulfill His part of the convenient and God expected you to fulfill your own part.
The taxonomy of the principalities and powers you are praying against might not be in the devil’s manifest ,the taxonomy might be you as a person.
There is hope for you if you can be truthful with yourself by:
1.Being objective in your views to issues around you.
2.Engaging in continuous and constant self appraisal.
3.Live a life of continuous self development.
4.Be attentive to advise and detailed instructions.
5.Be willing to live your comfort zone.
6.Be comfortable with the right company.
7.Be choosy, classic and selective in mingling with people.
8.Build the right environment for yourself.
9.Be hopeful and be positive.
10.Be on the look out for opportunities.
If you can engage some of this, you might end up living your life above the stronghold of self afflicted principalities and powers that has no connection with the devil.
Be warned.
Don’t be a victim of self afflicted battle.