At a point in time when I rushed into the news of award given to Obinwanne Okeke being one of the most influential youth in Africa at an age below 30,I was swayed into deep thought asking myself many unanswerable personal questions to the point of beating myself up.
His story challenged me and I was caught up in a kind of regret somehow.
Few days ago,while I was blogging and I saw his face and his story of arrest by FBI in the United States,I wondered and pondered about my shallowness at a point to the point of asking God for forgiveness.
This is how many of us have been dealing with the situation of things around us by engaging in a rat race of virtual display of comfort and convenience on all social media platforms.
Some of us even ask God questions blaming God for our inability to have become a person of influence and achievements.
Little did some of us understand that many of the so called men and women of influence that we tag as mentors live a dirty life with skeleton in their cupboard.
The likes of R.Kelly and another American Billionaire that committed suicide in the Prison who was a close ally of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump arrested for having carnal knowledge of minors who is a convicted paedophile known as Jeffrey Epstein is a pointer to the fact that some of us needs to apply brake in our motion or movement to have mentors.
All around us,we have many motivation speakers that uses sugar coated tongues to deceive us siting examples of people who had made it without delving into how such wealth are accumulated.
At a point in time, it is in the mouth of many motivation speakers that the richest man in Africa started small but one needs to question how can a man started small with an initial capital outlay of #500 thousand in 1978?
This is a lot of money then and it is only a wealthy purse that can invest such into a business then.
So,it is an abberration and a distortion of fact and figures for anyone to tell you that Dangote started small so that you will not be caught up in the web of deception designed by our motivational speakers.
Accumulation of wealth demands time and perseverance but anyone seen getting it within a few space of time needs to be investigated, just as Invictus was investigated by FBI and the skeleton in his cupboard popped out for us to know that he is a criminal.
He is a criminal that has been celebrated and sold to us as the face of the next generation fleets of billionaire but we are disappointed seeing a young guy spending the productive part of his life cooling off in prison.
Not that it is impossible for someone at a younger age to hit the class of the wealthy a younger age but questions about such wealth are asked in a sane clime whereby the sanctity of humanity is respected and referenced.
Not like Nigerian Society whereby all we care about is wealth that has no basis.
With the recent happenings, one needs to be careful and watchful in making assumptions about the status quo of people in our society.

There is an increase in fake lifestyles and virtual lifestyles are being promoted on all social media platforms continuously.
You should never be caught up in the display of fakery.
You should remember that contentment is a great gain.
Be careful about your choice of mentors.
There are many criminals around us now.
Don’t listening to the voice of deception.