How 5 Nigerian girls won world Technovation competition beating USA and China.

An amazing group of five Nigerian girls, called Brain Squad, are contesting at an international tech competition, Technovation Awards, for creating an educational app.
The members of the group are Ayomikun Ariyo, Ivana Mordi, Jadesola Kassim, Munachiso Chigbo and Pandora Onyedire, Tech Next reports.
The name of the resourceful app is called Handsout, which is designed to provide a platform for people to donate money and other helpful materials to less-privileged children in the country.


The group reportedly said that what inspired the making of the app is connected with the collapse of a primary school building earlier in the year in Lagos.
Brain Squad added that with the app, the surviving kids from the tragic incident can be given hope.

“On 16th of March 2019 the tragic news of a building which had a primary school within at Itafaji Lagos collapsed. Many children died and others were injured.
“The community was thrown into morning and the surviving children can’t understand why friends and relatives had to die. They need hope,” they said.


It should be noted that, according to UNICEF, over 10 million children are out of school, showing how kids from low privileged class risk dropping out of school.
The girl-tech group believes primary education should be free for all kids, and as such is partnering with a financial institution in the country to raise funds.
Meanwhile, earlier reported that another of young girls named Team Save-A-Group was received by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo after they won a $10,000 app award in the United States.
The girls defeated teams from USA, Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan and China to win the 2018 Technovation world pitch junior division.



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