I don’t think I can remember the last time I took cognizance of any product or services rendered to me at a reduced price.

It was surprising a day before yesterday when a young lad from the cooking gas dispenser came around to return my cylinder after it has been refilled.

I asked him about the price of the service rendered by him but I was surprised when he told me that it was #3000.

Even at the point of giving me the price,I struggled believing him but I slowly took the amount out of my purse looking sensitively at his face expecting him to tell me that he made a mistake.

This was due to the fact that the last time I paid for such a service,I paid #3500 for it.


cooking gas 1

A difference of #500 wowed me and I was shocked to realise if such a thing is still happening in Nigeria whereby inflation has remained at a double-digit of around 11-12percent recently.



This made me to think that if Nigeria as a nation would prosper,the citizens and all stakeholders must see Nigeria as a project that must be judiciously executed by all and sundry.

The question is:

Are we all ready to pay the supreme price?

Every success in life has a price tag and it only those who are ready to pay the price that will be declared winner at the end of the day.

If Nigeria becomes better today,her betterment starts with you and I.




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