I don’t think I can remember the last time I took cognizance of any product or services rendered to me at a reduced price.

It was surprising a day before yesterday when a young lad from the cooking gas dispenser came around to return my cylinder after it has been refilled.

I asked him about the price of the service rendered by him but I was surprised when he told me that it was #3000.

Even at the point of giving me the price,I struggled believing him but I slowly took the amount out of my purse looking sensitively at his face expecting him to tell me that he made a mistake.

This was due to the fact that the last time I paid for such a service,I paid #3500 for it.


cooking gas 1

A difference of #500 wowed me and I was shocked to realise if such a thing is still happening in Nigeria whereby inflation has remained at a double-digit of around 11-12percent recently.



This made me to think that if Nigeria as a nation would prosper,the citizens and all stakeholders must see Nigeria as a project that must be judiciously executed by all and sundry.

The question is:

Are we all ready to pay the supreme price?

Every success in life has a price tag and it only those who are ready to pay the price that will be declared winner at the end of the day.

If Nigeria becomes better today,her betterment starts with you and I.




ISI Assisted CIA Locate Osama Bin Laden, Says Pakistan Imran Khan — UPHINDIA

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his country knew about the presence of Osama bin Laden on its soil and that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) provided information to the CIA, which helped the US track down the Al Qaeda chief. His comments are in stark contrast to Pakistan’s official stand, as per which, […]

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Osama Bin Laden’s son Hamza, chosen to head terror group Al-Qaeda, killed in secret US operation, say reports — UPHINDIA

Washington: Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza, chosen heir to the leadership of Al-Qaeda, has been killed, US media reported Wednesday citing American officials. NBC News said three US officials had confirmed they had information of Hamza bin Laden’s death but gave no details of the place or date. Former chief of al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden. AP The […]

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Why Royal Family announced vacancy for security officer?

The Royal Family is hiring a security officer to join the London palaces, a new advert on the Buckingham Palace website shows.

The role, which is based at the Queen’s main residence, is described as delivering a ‘vital’ safety service to the landmark buildings, and requires the individual to ‘have a good level of physical fitness’ .

Joining the ‘dedicated’ Fire and Access team at Buckingham Palace, it supports all aspects of fire safety and access control, and the person in the role is expected to act as first-response in the event of a fire or security alert.


A salary package of £23,000 is offered, and the candidate is offered a ‘range of catering and recreational facilities’ in return.

The advert reads: ‘It’s knowing you’re protecting the community that surrounds you.

‘It’s feeling trusted to deliver to the very highest standards. And it’s the pride in protecting an environment of unique historic importance. This is what makes working for the Royal Household exceptional.


‘Joining the professional and dedicated Fire and Access team at Buckingham Palace, you’ll provide a 24/7 fire surveillance service and support all aspects of fire safety across the entire London estate.

‘As a visible presence, you’ll also support access control at one of our sites, ensuring visitors are authorised and welcomed.’

Describing the skills needed, it continues: ‘With a good level of physical fitness, you’ll be confident working at heights and in confined spaces.

‘You’ll be confident identifying and addressing fire safety risks across multiple sites. Interpersonal skills are vital too, because you’ll be working closely with a wide range of people including employees, residents and visitors.

‘Ideally trained in first aid, including the use of defibrillator and oxygen resuscitation equipment, you’ll be able to provide support to first aid incidents on-site when needed.’

Over a quarter of a century ago, a huge blaze broke out at Windsor Castle in 1992, damaging more than 100 rooms including the vast medieval St George’s Hall.

More than 200 firefighters from seven counties battled the flames.

St George’s Hall, which was right next to where the fire began, was completely destroyed.

St George’s Hall was restored to a design close to the room’s 14th-century appearance, but with a 20th-century reinterpretation.

A new hammer-beam roof was constructed from sustainable English oak using traditional methods and tools.



“Jennifer Lopez should better not to come to Egypt after Israel’s concert,”–Egyptian Musician.

Egyptians have gone to social media, demanding the cancellation of a concert scheduled for later this week by pop queen Jennifer Lopez in response to her recent gig in Israel.

Lopez is due to perform at her first concert in Egypt on Friday as part of her current world tour ‘It’s My Party’.

The 50-year-old superstar has outraged many fans in Egypt and in the Arab world after she performed at concert in Tel Aviv last week and visited the occupied city of Jerusalem. She appeared in images praying at a holy Islamic site in the city claimed by Jews.
Lopez has since come under heavy criticism in Egypt.

“Jennifer Lopez should better not to come to Egypt after Israel’s concert,” tweeted Egyptian musician Sherif Hawary of the band Cairokee.


Another critic urged Orascom, the organiser of the Egypt concert to scrap the event, which will be held in the city of New Alamein in the country’s famed summer destination on the North Coast. So far, there has been no comment from Orascom, owned by Egyptian business tycoon Naguib Sawiris.


Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. However, anti-Israel sentiment has often run high over Israeli practices mainly against Palestinians.