How judge ordered Zakzaky to be flown to India for proper medical attention.

A Nigerian court on Monday granted bail to a detained Shiite leader, whose case has sparked bloody protests, so that he can fly to India for medical care, his lawyer said.
Ibrahim Zakzaky, the founder of the outlawed pro-Iranian Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), has been in detention along with his wife Zeenah Ibrahim since their arrest in December 2015.

“The judge has ordered that Zakzaky be flown to India for proper medical attention,” Femi Falana told AFP.


A member of the defence team said his wife was also allowed abroad for treatment.

The ruling could help defuse spiralling tensions with the group after the government banned it late last month on “terrorism” grounds after a spate of deadly clashes.

But the authorities have already ignored previous court orders to release Zakzaky.

Prosecutors told AFP officials were studying the latest decision to see whether to appeal.

Falana said the Shiite leader and his wife did not attend Monday’s hearing in in the northern city of Kaduna because of their poor health.

“They were too sick to be physically present in court,” Falana told AFP, adding that necessary legal documents would have to be signed before they could be released.

Zakzaky, who is believed to be aged in his mid-sixties, was arrested in 2015 after violence that rights groups say saw the army kill some 350 of his followers and bury many in mass graves.


Supporters have been holding almost daily protests in the capital Abuja pushing for his release amid fears over his deteriorating health.

At least eight people, including six protesters, a senior police officer and a trainee journalist, were killed during protests on July 22.

Zakzaky’s lawyers say he has lost the sight in one eye and was on the verge of going blind in the other, while he had some bullet fragments lodged in his body from the 2015 crackdown.

A court in 2016 ordered Zakzaky and his wife released — but the authorities refused and filed charges against him including homicide.

Zakzaky and the IMN, which was founded as a student group in the 1970s, have been at loggerheads with the government for years because of his call for an Iranian-style Islamic revolution in Nigeria.

Northern Nigeria is predominantly Sunni Muslim.




For past days now,she has been loud about today telling everyone on her way that today is her mum’s birthday.

She has made it a point of duty singing birthday ryhms in the hearing of the whole house reminding her mum what her mum must buy for her birthday.

The consciousness and sensitivity of ‘little mama’ to a day like this got me thinking about how I spent my childhood days.I don’t think I spent it the way little ones of today has 🐝 spending it.

Anyway,the reason might be due to exposure and places of residents.While I grew up in Ilesa,she is spending her lifetime in Lagos coupled with the realities of human existence in this age.

In other not to digress from the subject matter,I have been held down not knowing what to present this morning but it is impossible for me not to pen few lines on my timeline celebrating my heartbeat in life.




She has been golden in every facet of her life with calmness, gentleness and candour been her strength.

Virtues that I silently crave for and always put to rest in my personal life.

She has remained an epitome of beauty and a diadem of many colours.Her support to everyone around her is amazing to the point that I always ask her to be a little bit careful and conscious.

I doubt if I will ever be complete if I missed being her husband.Her contributions made me to have every reason to be focused and be a home boy .

What else can we say at this moment other than spending my time to celebrate an ebony and an Amazon that God gave to me at this moment of my life.



She is a year older today.

She is a year better today.

She is a year booming today.

She has been an exhibition of goodness every man should crave for.

She has been an answer to my prayer requests years ago.

I am grateful for keeping her to see the beauty of today.It has been God that has made it possible for you to be alive today.

Many waters has gone bye and you have been able to stay afloat becoming better in every area of life.

You have been successful in every area of life.You have a source of hope and help to people around you.

If I am chanced,I could have spend eternity celebrating you.

If I am chanced,I would spend the whole of my world telling the world the innate beauty in you.

You are a woman every woman should hold on to.




You are a mother that should be a source of inspiration to the entire woman world.

Today is your day,my beloved.

All I have to do is to wish you well and remind you how lovely you are.

Another 5th of August is around,let’s celebrate and pop champagne.

My beloved is a year older.

I love you forever.



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Why Sanwo-Olu ordered agency to rid the Lagos state’s highways of environmental nuisance.

The Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency says it has commenced the regeneration of degraded areas across the state in line with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Executive Order.
The agency said the governor had ordered the agency and others to rid the state’s highways of environmental nuisance.

In a statement by the General Manager of LASPARK, Mrs Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, the agency said the intervention would complement the ongoing clean-up exercise on major roads across the state by various government agencies.


“The reclamation operation is to salvage the aesthetic environment of strategic areas in the state that have been defiled by chaotic activities in recent years. This is also in line with the ‘THEMES Agenda’ of promoting healthy living, sustainable environment and safety of lives and property in any part of the state,” she said.

Adebiyi-Abiola stated that the government planned to uplift the face of the state in order to open it up for more decent commercial and economic ventures to complement the state’s commitment to the greening project and to further create an appealing ambience befitting of a 21st century city.

According to her, the agency has commenced clearing of vegetation and planting of trees on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway from Eric Moore to Trade Fair.

She said in line with the LASPARK’s mandate, all road setbacks, road embankments, loops, medians and open spaces across the state would be aggressively sanitised and adorned with trees and beautiful flowers in a bid to ensuring a greener and healthier environment.

The GM acknowledged that making the environment clean and habitable for everyone would enhance socio-economic activities, and implored residents to conduct themselves in a way that would help preserve the environment.

“The government is poised more than ever to prosecute anyone or group of persons undermining its efforts towards strengthening the greening culture across the state,” he said.