Don’t build a system that encourage filthiness and unrighteousness.


Never build a system or a process that will end up being acidic, toxic and poisonous to your calling. The quality of followership built by you will either make you or mar you.

While you are bent on winning souls into the kingdom,never be carried away by worldly attractions that will make you a prey in the hands of demon and their agents.

How can youths and members of your denominations or places of worship are largely people who dress loosely to church service and you didn’t bother to preach against it.

Now, the beast and Jezebel you made of them is no taunting your peace of mind with ladies coming out to alleged that you rape them and have illicit affairs with them.

The blame is on you because you raised an atmosphere of filthiness and seduction that has come back to pull you down.

The scriptures are clearly explicit about worldliness but you looked away from such as one of the irrelevances grace has taken care of.

If you fail in taming the potency of adultery, fornication and lustfuness in the life of your followers,they will end up destroying you and the ministry you think you are building.

While you are bent on doing exploit in your ministry,check if such exploits is encouraging holiness and righteousness that will make your followers candidates of heaven because without holiness,no one can see God.





The desire and aspiration of many men of God in this age and season has led them to build system and processes that encourage the prosperity of sin and unrighteousness in our society making the world to be in control of the word of God.


When your aspiration as a man of God is contravening the commandment of God,there is a need for you to check yourself and give yourself a break in returning back to the old path that the scripture encourage.


Failure to go back to the old path of righteousness might spell doom for you and your followers in the process of time. There have been great ministries that started well in the past but one could see that they have fizzled out without any sign of the exploits they are claiming at one point or the other in the past.


A spiritual system must be built on spirituality that focus on the undiluted word of God centered around encouraging holiness in the Church of God but in a situation whereby the word of God is been subjected to worldliness is a pointer to the fact that such a man of God has lost control of the ministry given to him by God.


It is when we build ourselves by the word of God and on the word of God that we can face the challenges of the world as it ought to be handled in the way and manner whereby many people that are on the road to perdition will be saved from the imminent destruction that awaits unbelievers and sinners at the end of the word.


In essence, every minister of God needs to be cautious of the unction of God on their life so that they will not be an instrument of destruction to their followers.


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