We are ready to die in this cause and we have said it that we must come and they should get ready. If they like they should come and kill us–Shiite Protester.

Abuja – Hundreds of Shiite members on Wednesday in Abuja made good of their threat as they embarked on another massive protest and vowing to lay down their lives for their religion.
The peaceful protest which kicked off from the National Human Rights Commission in Maitama as protesters in their hundreds matched through Transcorp Hilton to Gana Street chanting anti-government songs calling for the release of their spiritual leader, Ibraheem El-Zakyzaky.
The defiant protesters, however, snubbed the armed policemen who are patrolling the city in search of the group with the view to disrupting the planned protest.


The leader of the protest, Abdullahi Musa explained that the level of lead poison in the blood of El-Zakyzaky as detected by the doctors was 201.7 milligrams which is abnormal and therefore put his life in danger.
According to Musa

” His life is in danger and there is no reason for us to go back and sit down at home. The oppressors always brutalise, oppress and instill fears in the mind of the people. We are ready to die in this cause and we have said it that we must come and they should get ready. If they like they should come and kill us ”


He, however, denied the insinuations that members of the movement shot two police officers and vandalised 50 vehicles at the National Assembly. He explained that police officers who were in mufti should be held responsible for the arson.


” We have been protesting even yesterday the protest took more than two hours peacefully before the police attack the protesters. So we will never surrender and we will not stop what we are doing, this is our constitutional rights. It is the right of Sheik El-zakyzaky to go for medical treatment and the court has granted him the freedom and they should allow him to go ” Musa noted.





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