I got inspired to pen my line of thought on this topic in the course of my observation when I travelled home from Lagos during Easter period.

I have been itching to write but I kept delaying and struggling with my thoughts asking myself whether it is needful or not until I decided doing something about it this night.

In the course of my sojourn to Ilesa in April,as I stepped into my street,I realised the silence and decadence that were physically on display in the entire street.

From one house to the other,decay in the appearances of the buildings across the length and breadth of the street is breathtaking.

Meanwhile, while the owners and landlords of these houses were around,these houses were lively, colourful and attractive then but now,rodents like rats,lizards,spiders and wall-gecko have taken over every available space with grasses and weeds having a free day.

When I started gisting and asking my mum about some of these houses with the owners of the houses,the response I got was that they have all gone beyond.

Not that some of these houses were not occupied presently by tenants but no one can compare the quality of cares and maintenance given to these structures when the owners were alive.

Then,I kept musing on the statement to my answers from my mum:

“They have all gone”

Some of them are gone with their pride,ego and wealth of foolishness while some were gone with their humility,tolerance and wealth of knowledge.

And I kept imagining their lifestyle while they are living.

Some of these people went to the extreme to get the wherewithals to build those buildings that were becoming dilapidated.Many among them, embezzled the Commonwealth of the people they put them in charge while working.Some were ritualistic and diabolical in getting wealthy to build those buildings.

No one can deny it that they made many people to shed tears in order to put those structures in place.

And at the end,I kept asking myself what exactly is the essence of our existence.

I realised that as many people in the past have been foolish in their desire to become better in life,many are still gullible in achieving feats of greatness till now.

In the recent days,greed,insensitiveness and being inconsiderate in achieving our goals have been the major evil eating up the fabrics of the society.

This is the reason why we have youth that give no damn at all to the voice of reason.They go to the extreme in making a living by theft and all sorts of vices.

It was in the course of this,that I remember at a point in 2010 that I found myself in the house of a PDP stalwart in Ilesa with my mum looking for help to get a job that he embarrassed us and sent us away from his house but only God knows where he is now because time and season have reduced him and his influence in politics,no one knows anything about him again.He fades out while in existence by becoming a persona non-grata.

Back to the story of gold,jewelries and personal effects belonging to former minister of petroleum confiscated through EFCC,I really berate the foolishness of this woman in amassing such a physical effect.

She is stupid to the extreme.

What is she doing with it knowing fully well that time and seasons make such things to fade out.

The fact is that the haves will fade out with time and the have not will also fade out with time.

It is expected of people to learn from others but it is quite amazing that we always repeat what others have done in the past that are detrimental to them and others.

How can someone be so stupid to the extreme that she embezzled National treasury to such level?

It is nothing but a display of foolishness because non of these effect is useful to her now.

It is until when everyone realised that the essence of humanity is not resident in material accumulation that the plight of each and everyone of us will be taken care of through selfless ability to serve others.

Nevertheless,I am just pushing my thoughts across to everyone.Whether we like it or not,there are still many Abachas and Diezani Madueke all around us who are bent to deep their hands and extract our National treasury without blinking an eyelids.

It is a pity that Nigeria is in a sorry state of corruption.

Vanity upon vanity.

The wise will ensure that good names are better than gold and silver but the foolish thinks about his belly alone.

Don’t be a slave to your belly.


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Swiss football federation declared Florijana Ismail dead.

Switzerland women’s international Florijana Ismaili has been confirmed dead following a swimming accident on Lake Como in Italy, the Swiss football federation said on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old, who played 33 times for Switzerland and was captain of Young Boys Bern’s women’s team, had gone missing on Saturday.

“The Swiss Football Federation (SFV) has the painful task of informing about the death of its national player Florijana Ismaili. We are all upset, deeply affected and very, very sad,” said an SFV statement.


The SFV said that Ismaili had jumped into the water from a rented boat and never resurfaced. The body was found on Tuesday after searches by the Italian authorities, it said.

“The SFV expresses its sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Florijana Ismaili and wishes everyone all the strength in this difficult time.”

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said in a statement that it was an “extremely sad moment for all the football community, particularly at a time when we gather at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

Switzerland and Liverpool forward Xherdan Shaqiri was among those to send condolences.

“I am deeply shocked by the death of Florijana Ismaili,” he said on Twitter. “My family and I would like to express our condolences to the Ismaili family and the near ones.”





How injury will prevent Mikel Obi from Cameroon ties today.

Super Eagles gaffer Gernot Rohr has confirmed his wards’ readiness to face Cameroon in the round of 16 encounter at the ongoing 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Nigeria will go into this game against the reigning champions of Africa without their captain Mikel Obi who is currently injured.

Cameroon have not beaten Nigeria in any competition since 2000 when they claimed one of their five Africa Cup of Nations trophies with a penalty shootout victory in the final.

The Indomitable Lions have beaten Nigeria four times in 22 previous meetings, but remarkably three of those wins have come in the final of this competition.

Recently, Nigeria have won four and lost none of the last five contests, including a 5-1 aggregate triumph to seal their place at the 2018 World Cup.

Gernot Rohr has now explained that all his players were superb in training and are prepared for penalties should the full time ends goalless.

”All the players made their penalties in training yesterday, but match is sometimes different. We hope we can win in 90 minutes or 120 minutes

”Good news on Jamilu Collins. He can play now but I don’t know if he can start. Mikel not able to play. Shehu is training now but not ready yet also,” Rohr told reporters at the media conference.


Earlier, Legit.ng had reported how Super Eagles captain John Obi Mikel sealed a two year deal with Turkish League giants Trabzonspor as a free agent.

The Nigerian captain, who is currently with the country’s national team has an option to renew his contract with another one year depending on his performance at the club.






Buhari warned herdsmen and communities to stop taking the law into their own hands by resorting to violence at every provocation.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday told herdsmen returning to the North from the South to respect their host communities.

This came as Buhari ordered increased security presence in Katsina State following fresh violence involving herdsmen and farmers in his home state, resulting in loss of lives and valuables.

A State House statement by Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu, said the President “warned herdsmen and communities to stop taking the law into their own hands by resorting to violence at every provocation”.


Buhari also directed that “herdsmen returning from the South due to the rainy season must respect the boundaries of farmers and villagers, while the communities must refrain from attacking herdsmen.”

Buhari condoled with the families of the victims, “assuring the state that the security structure would be further strengthened to avoid unnecessary violence between herdsmen and communities.”

He also directed the “prosecution of all those involved in the conflict”.


In other isolated incidents, bandits also attacked some villages on Wednesday in Katsina State.
At least, 18 persons were reportedly killed in the attacks by bandits in Kankara and Danmusa local government areas of the state.

Meanwhile, Buhari will depart Abuja today for Niamey, Niger Republic.


His mission is to attend the African Union Summit scheduled to hold on July 7, according to the Presidency.

The Presidency said, “President Buhari will sign the AfCFTA Agreement on the margins of the AU meeting in Niamey.”

The President while accepting the report on the AfCFTA on Jun 27, said, ‘’For AfCFTA to succeed, we must develop policies that promote African production, among other benefits.

“Africa, therefore, needs not only a trade policy but also a continental manufacturing agenda. Our vision for intra-African trade is for the free movement of ‘made in Africa goods.’ That is, goods and services made locally with dominant African content in terms of raw materials and value addition.’’





Nigerians congratulates Olamide as he welcome another son.

Popular Nigerian artiste, Olamide, also known as ‘baddosneh’ and Adebukumi Aisha Suleiman, have welcomed their second son in Maryland, USA.

The rapper took to his Instagram page to announce the birth, with a photo of himself carrying the baby.
Olamide proposed to his girlfriend and mother of his son in 2018.

The pair, who have been together since 2011, also have another son, Maximilian Boluwatife who was born in 2015. (NAN).





Why are roads in Lagos State in a deplorable state presently?

It was while I was on my way out on Saturday that I noticed in clear term how deplorable roads in Lagos State are.

The deplorable states of roads in Lagos State presently is mind-blowing and mind-boggling having waves of disturbance that makes commutting from one point to another difficult and discouraging.

Drivers are always in a tug of wars to manage and prevent their cars from gullied pot-holes while passengers always feel the pain of cars bumping into deep potholes in their bodies.

Since,we are in the rainy season,when you alight,it becomes a serious issue to know where you can put your legs in order not to mistake a drainage for a road path.


While some people have been fortunate navigating their paths, others have been unfortunate to have themselves mistaken a drainage for a free path and they end up having their bodies deep inside the deep and dirty drainages.

The state of roads in Lagos State presently demands that a state of emergency should be declared because it is an eye-sore to a state that pride itself as the state of excellence.

The present administration needs to rise up to this challenge and ensure that a new approach to road construction and road maintenance is established whereby every nooks and crannies of the entire state will be covered and catered for.

The socio-economic effects of the deplorable state of roads in Lagos State is beyond what a reasonable government can overlook.


Bad state of road deflates the level of productivity that will move the economy of any state forward.

When it becomes difficult for residents in the hinterland to link the centre of the state through good transportation system,such a state needs to check their priorities because it creates a situation whereby small and medium scale businesses will be choked and dried up.

“It is quite unbelievable how the rainy season exposes the poor states of roads across the length and breadth of the state”.


Many of the roads in Lagos State presently need overhaul from gullied pot holes are scattered on the surface of the roads.


The road maintenance arm of the Ministry of Works and Transport with their counterparts in the Ministry of Public Works should rejig their efforts and carried out a mapping of the entire states of roads in the entire state is the first approach because this will enhance all the agencies concerned to have a first hand information of what is necessary to salvage the plight of the masses and commuters plying Lagos roads.






Once there is downpour,commutting in Lagos State always become a hard nut to crack with unexpected traffic jams that encourages public transport to sky rocket without any reason which has been the only excuse for the sudden increase in transport fares.

Without any doubt,the news of the ten lane Badagry Express way that was put aside by Ambode administration that was on news yesterday that contractors have started working is a goodnews to the entire residents of Lagos State.

Inspite of this, Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat should sit down and push across another effective and efficient approaches that would make the expectations of residents in Lagos State to believe that they are capable of working efficiently to bring Lagos out of the doldrums of bad roads that can be seen in every nook and cranny of the entire state.

In conclusion,declaring a state of emergency on the deplorable state of roads in Lagos State can never be too much.

Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat should do what is right on time.We cannot wait and accept any form of laxity and levity on their paths.



©mlstcommunications 2019