Hypocrisy in the house of God.

It was quite amusing and extremely amazing seen and listening to many Christians not taken stand about the recent rape allegations that kept oozing out about a man of God.

It is quite surprising seen many Christians standing aloof just because they are been protective about the church.

God did not appoint anyone of us to protect the church and if God appoint anyone to protect the church,God did not give us any assignment to protect the church by standing as a shield of evil.

What makes the recent days to be interesting is that the recent allegations about rape did not only expose the man in the eye of the storm,it really shows how debased many Christians are.

It is a pity that many gather to worship their men of God but they are far away in knowing God and what the gospel of Christ is all about.

Your emotional attachment to evil in the name of being an advocate to evil makes you a devil’s advocate.

David had carnal knowledge of Barsheba’s wife known as Uriah.In other to cover up,David killed Barsheba.He thought he covered the dastardly act until Prophet Nathan point it out to him.

It is human for every human to lie and it is human for anyone to deny but it is abnormal for anyone to support evil by been defensive of evil even if such evil is mere allegation.

What am I saying?

Even if Busola lied against Fatoyinbo Abiodun,the question I am yet to have a clue to is:

Why is it Pastor Fatoyinbo all the time?

Is it only his ministry that is the target of the devil?

Why is other Men of God not having issues with ladies in their ministry?

While many are suggesting that we pray for Pastor Fatoyinbo and the entire church,I beg to differ on any form of Prayer.

Christians in this part of the world pray a lot but we can see how backward we are in all ramifications.

The question is:

Is God being partial by not attending to our prayers?


God is not partial.He answers prayer.

Our problems in this part of the world is hypocrisy,fakery, insincerity and lack of basic understanding of what God is saying to the entire human race.

This is why Christians that are expected to be the light to the world are the one dimming such light.That is why a Church established in a residential area will not understand that having vigil in the middle of the night with all their sound system been operated at high decibel is wrong and it is unconstitutional.

If anyone go against them,some of us we start ranting and start defending evil.

Supporting an allegation of rape is not wrong in anyway.It will enhance clarity that will either proof such allegation to be right or wrong but anyone who is trying to gag and choke such allegation should be seen as someone that needs psychological observation urgently.




Praying about anointing from God without Character development is a suicide mission.Every human needs to build character before running after anointing.

Anointing without character leads to confusion.

I see the man in the eye of the storm not having the right character needed to manage the anointing of God upon his life,this is not pertain to him alone.It has been like this from the days of Jesus Christ.

Judas Iscariot was among the 12 disciples handling the post of a treasurer.The fact that he was a treasurer with Jesus Christ made him to be a disciple with a special anointing but at the end he was destroyed due to the fact that he cannot handle the anointing on him which is due to lack of character that will make him to handle his ministerial post.

The weakness of every man is resident in the panties of women but wisdom is what separates men from boys.

A man of God that is lacking the fruit of the spirit of self control does not need to occupy the post of a Pastor,there are other means of serving God that will prevent you from tarnishing the image of the Church.

Anyone who lacks self control should master his or her weaknesses and stay away from a position that will put into limelight such weakness or a position that will harm others in the physical and in the spiritual.

Mind you,for the upteenth time,the recent allegations is a confirmation of the prophecy of Jesus Christ that many are called but few are chosen.





No doubt about it,there are many men of God but have you asked yourself if the one you are emotionally attached to are part of the few that are chosen.

God only recognised the chosen one.

It is better to be chosen than to be called.

Anyway,in the meantime,let’s be aware that there are many wolves in sheep clothing.


We are in the last days.

Build character first before running after unctions of anointing.

Say no to rape and every other form of wickedness.


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The goodness of the past month has not been about my ingenuity and brilliance.


It has been about people who deem it fit to associate with my ideas and philosophy of being a blogger even though the journey ahead is still far.


Without mincing words, I am using this opportunity to appreciate my followers, readers and viewers on my blog space.


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