I am writing this morning to push across to all fathers what could be viewed as a personal stand and experiences of what disrupts the essence of fatherhood.
There exist a lacuna between being a husband and a father, although there is thin line between the two.
While many are husbands, it is only few that are fathers.
Fatherhood starts with being a husband to a wife and it extends to when conception occurred and the marriage is blessed with children.
Fatherhood is simply being a role model in the confines of your home to your wife,family,your children and the entire society.
In essence,Fatherhood is all about responsibility that is needed in the secular and in the spiritual.
It entails being a defense to everyone around you and it is a position of authority recognized by God and the host of heaven.
No one should assume the roles and responsibilities of Fatherhood as rosy in any form.It entails deep personal decision that must be about selflessness and being sacrificial in ensuring that needed responsibilities are met at the needed time and space.
Besides all these,my personal experiences about fatherhood have been all encompassing having the sweet side of it and the sour side of it but it was not sad.
I have lived to understand that being masculine does not guarantee being a successful father. I have seen women that are fathers around me too.
I have lived to understand that being masculine does not guarantee being a successful fathers.I have seen women that are fathers around me of which mine is not an exception.
One thing that I experienced that it is quite potent to cause the disruption of the essence of what fatherhood entails from being achieved is Polygamy.
While some people have a successful experience with polygamy but the majority that I have seen or heard about are acidic to the concept of fatherhood.
While you have decided to be a responsible father,the thought of another woman or side chick might destroy your decision to being a good father.




Polygamy might not affects your wife alone but it has a way of replacing you and turning your wife to a father and a mother at the same time.
Polygamy destroys vision and it is one of the potent distractions that makes the joy of marriage to fizzle out flying away with the beauty expected to be the order of the day in such marriage.
Polygamy attracts and establishes confusion and it breeds a kind of toxic relationship that could be seen and submitted as a destroyer that humanity is trying to cope with till now.
The story of Abraham ,Sarah and Haggai points to this.
On this note, celebrating Fathers’ Day today will be incomplete without me telling you that you should not turn your wife to a Father in any way because tomorrow might be too late to correct your mistake or overlook.
The thought of another woman in your heart no matter how tiny it is might destroy you as a father.
One thing I cannot fathom is my struggle writing today even though it is fathers’ day but it has been rosy writing smoothly on mothers’day but the little I wrote is out of my struggle to write.
Don’t get offended with it.
Learn from it.
It is part of what I know practically.
SEX outside marriage is evil.


©mlst communications 2019.

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