Obj attacked over fulanization and islamization claims.

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has come under fire afresh from a southwest group Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum which has accused him of crying wolf when there is none over alleged gradual Fulanisation and Islamisation of Nigeria.
News Agency of Nigeria reports that the Forum discarded Obasanjo’s alarm saying on Wednesday, June 5 that land displacements and reprisals are responsible for Fulani-related clashes in northern Nigeria.
President of the Forum, Akin Malaolu, said in a statement it is totally wrong to give it religious or ethnic colouration.


“We can say succinctly that former president Obasanjo was deliberately deceitful and in greater dishonesty in his phantom claim.
”History which relied on facts and evidences are both missing in his conjectures. Modern generation of our youths and some elders may not understand that the North experienced two eras that shaped their entire land.
“The system of government before the advent of jihad was a period of prosperity that made it possible for slaves to rise through various tasks including the military,
”But with their conquest, the system of administration changed drastically and weakened the slaves and to their offspring.


“History recorded the events that gave the Fulani people a space in modern day Nigeria and their foothold in the North came through conquest beginning from 1808 [211 years ago]”
Recall that Legit.ng Obasanjo on Saturday, May 18, claimed the aim of the terror sect Boko Haram is ‘Fulanisation’ of West Africa and Islamisation of Africa.
Obasanjo said this in a keynote address at the 2019 Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), held in Oleh, Isoko South council area of Delta state.
He spoke on the topic ‘Mobilizing Nigeria’s human and natural resources for national development and stability.’






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