Will you allow your background to deter your success?

In a world whereby the definition of success has been relegated to acquisition of material and financial possession make many people to believe in the abberration of seen success as a means of flaunting there assets with many people going to the extreme of looking for ways to be great in life at the expense of others thereby encouraging the prosperity and propagation of criminality and vices.

And when the desire of such people are becoming infeasible,they end up seen and concluding that they are destined for failure thereby ending up as victims of suicide.

Recently,it was all over the media about the best candidate in last Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination that a young lad in Lagos State had the highest score.

Reading through the report,I was busy looking for the name of the school that produced the celebrated genius and I was expecting the name of the school to be one of ivy leagues in Lagos but I was disappointed to discover that he is a product of a public school in a suburb of Lagos State.

While reading along,I discovered that he is a guy that had been known consistently for academic brilliance in Lagos State because he has attended many academic debates and competition with many accolades at his kitty.

The question is where are the private schools with high school fee rates that could only be afforded by the bourgeoisie of the Nigerian Society?






The story of this young lad is a signal to the fact that:
1.You don’t need to be convenient and comfortable to be successful.
2.Your class in the Society is not a determinant to your expected or desired success.
3.Every human being is wired for success.
4.Material and financial acquisition has no bearing with how Successful you will be.
5.Failure is universal.Success is universal.Failure and success has no geographical peculiarities.Anyone can fail.Anyone can succeed.
6.Failure is not an end but a means to an end.
7.Success is gradual not automatic.
8.Everyone has time and season.We reign in accordance to the programme of our destiny.

Success surfaces when you have the right information at your disposal with your readiness to sacrifice whatever it takes to invest the whole fibre of your being applying such information until you get the right outcome.

With this, suicide is an unjustifiable and shallow means of escape.It is only the coward and feeble minded that commits suicide.

While you are busy thinking about where you are and realised that you are wired and programmed for success.


Never allow your background to put your back on the ground.

Arise and make the best of your life.

Be better.

Don’t be bitter.


Your ability to manage failures till you are successful makes the story of your success interesting and it will end up being a source of inspiration and motivation to others.


Success in any endeavor is real and possible to anyone who believes in the possibility of being successful in such an endeavor.


In this period of human existence whereby suicide is gradually becoming the order of the  day makes it saddening to believe that human being can be pushed to the edge by situation around resulting into depression that could be solved by the frustrated through suicide.


This might due to the fact that many people on earth lacked the basic understanding of the whole essence of their existence by believing that they have to be extremely desperate to be successful in life.


In conclusion, no matter the situations,the thought of suicide is never an option  the challenges of life.


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