We cheated on each other, had ‘unholy children – Prophet Iginla opens up on divorce

via We cheated on each other, had ‘unholy children – Prophet Iginla opens up on divorce


Will you wait till your wife calls you a 40 seconds man like…?

The recent buzz about the estranged and crashed marriage between a popular Nollywood celebrity in Nigeria known as Tonto Dikeh and her erstwhile hubby known as Olakunle Churchill swept across the length and breadth of the entire global world with Nigeria being the stage where the interview was granted.


This was accompanied by so many reactions and responses from within and outside the country with many fans on the social media platforms lending a voice to the way and manner such a domestic issue was handled.


She expressed her anger against the father of her child by calling his sexual performance in the other room as nothing but a disgrace to manhood. She called Olakunle Churchill “a 40 seconds man”


While some people were in support, some reserved their commentaries and others were against the show of disgrace that is unexpected from a woman who has gathered the respect of fans in the movies and entertainment industry called NOLLYWOOD.


In other to shade of digression from the concept of this article, the trending interview granted to Tonto Dikeh by a popular controversial journalist known as Daddy Freeze triggers many questions that center around many people being bothered about what it really takes to maintain a good relationship that will be a foundation for an expected marital bliss.


Hence,this trigger the need for a subtitle for this article which is:



The existence of anyone can never be made possible without such a life being a product of one relationship or the other.

Relationship is simply the connection or connectivity we have with one another or a nexus between one subject matter or the other.


While some of us are naturally talented and gifted in championing lasting relationship and maintaining it, others are not in any way good in creating a good atmosphere whereby good relationship will stand and flourish.


This might be a function of one factor or the other that always has its root or routes in parental upbringing and societal influences that are extremely conservative and reserved having a myopic view that is against the promotion of any factor that could buttress attraction to others and people around.


Though,this is not an alibi for the exhibition of weaknesses as it pertains to the maintenance of good relationship.


What seems to be working out in grooming our wards in some years ago are longer necessary.The need to training our children in a conservative and reserved manner is no longer efficient and effective in the present age of human existence.


So, it is the duty and responsibility of anyone who understands how weak or how bad she is in maintaining good relationship to look for a way to learn what is necessary for maintaining a level playing ground in any relationship.


Some people are lone-rangers naturally, although it is not that lone-rangers or introverts are bad in being reserved. They are the species of human that desire and crave for good relationship more than the so called extroverts but it is just that their approach and view about their desire is wrapped up in shyness and childishness.


Relationship build marriage.


Relationship is the foundation and pillar of any marriage.


No marriage can survive without parties or partners involved having good and sound understanding of what is good relationship entail.


Why am I writing all these?

The foundation and the longevity expected for a lasting marriage prosper on the ability of the parties involved having an understanding of what is necessary to make their dream and aspiration of a lasting marriage to become successful which could be granted solely when such a marriage flourish on good relationship.


Cn we pull out the understanding of what relationship entails from the necessity of having a successful marriage?


The answer is NO!


Successful marriage flourish on good relationship.


With this, it is necessary for anyone who desire having a blissful marital life to understand what it takes to make a successful relationship.


In the course of any marriage, it is the relationship that has been kept between all the stakeholders that will make such a marriage to be successful. These sorts of relationship are tripartite.


They are:


1.Relationship with God.

2.Relationship between husband and wife.

3.Relationship with relatives and family members.



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Will you wait till your wife call you a 40 seconds man like..?


It is quite funny that many couples put aside relationship with God and the relationship with  relatives and family members but they believe that they can stand on their own until challenges of marriage pushed them into divorce and all sorts of tantrums and hullabaloo that have been the order of the day on social media platforms.


If Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill have taken such a step in the course of their marriage or relationship, it could have been difficult for such a domestic issue between them to degenerates to to point of becoming available for public consumption.


No matter how, no couple should be handpicked, singled-out and apportion blame to when it comes to marital issues because marriage is driven by the society and the society also drives marriage.


Whenever a marriage crashes, it is the fault of the society and the parties involved. It should be noted that anyone who cannot keep and maintain a simple form of relationship should be sensitive to the fact that he or she might end up not having a successful marriage because the understanding and knowledge of what relationship entails must be learnt and applied properly before anyone will be able to cope with the demands of marriage.


To people who are blessed with the right understanding of what marriage entails, marriage is sweet and the sweetness of any marriage can be found and traced to the building and the maintenance of good relationship.


Good relationship entails:





5.Love and kindness








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Will you wait till your wife call you a 40 seconds man like…?


Anyone that has a deep understanding of all the aforementioned can never be found wanting of struggling to have a blissful marital life.


Relationship is a responsibility and an investment that parties involved should be ready to make contributions which must be equally shared and the accomplishment of nay accompanied glory must be equally shared between parties involved.


So, anyone who fails to have understanding of the prerequisites necessities that will birth a successful marriage should stay off social media platforms ranting about the failure of their inefficiencies in having a blissful marriage.


The beauty of any marriage is not a function of how beautiful and classy your wedding day is.The beauty is resident in the outcome of the marriage in the process of time.


Those who glamorized their wedding day without the thought of investing in the success of their marriage through good relationship are beckoning to a journey of marital frustration that will soon end up in marital crash expected to become a source of online consumption.


Your weakness in maintaining a good relationship with the next person by your side might be a signal that you might have difficulties in having a good relationship with your spouse in the nearest future.


You might be confident that your partner is blindfolded in love right now but one secret about marriage is that it has a way of removing veils that has blindfolded your partner by the time the journey of marriage begins.


Your confidence is good and human but your assertion might ensnare you when you are married and yo will discover that love alone is not enough to build a successful marriage.


In conclusion, you can keep a lasting relationship when you become better person that is doing everything possible to become better in knowing what is necessary to keep a lasting relationship by ensuring that necessary knowledge and approaches are invested in making any form of relationship better.


Never wait and manage a marriage till it gets messy to the extent that your wife will call you an internet fraudster and a man that cannot last more than 40 minutes in bed.






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