I was overwhelmed by the flow of nostalgia that swept through my veins in the course of the weekend.

I didn’t feel the flow while I was committing Lagos-Ibadan expressway but immediately I found myself on Ibadan-Oyo road,I started remembering moments of old that have made me to pass through that axis.

Right from the day of searching for industrial training placement in NNPC-PPMC Sagamu to a point in time whereby I attended burial ceremony in Oyo that I have to stay in Akinmorin and some other moments like that that I plied Oyo-ogbomoso road when I am in dire need to attend to one thing or the other.

I found myself in Oyo town on Saturday in honour of my roommate in Dutch Villae while in LAUTECH to celebrate the 80th birthday of his old man,to my surprise,Oyo town maintain the serenity it has been known for.

Oyo town is a different town that is far different from Lagos and I really envied the lifestyle of people resident in this area.

While listening to some indigenes that came around for the birthday party,to my utmost surprise,some of this young folks are landlords already and their source of income is solely from the stipends they are collecting from teaching job which might not be fetching them up to thirty thousand naira per month.

While many of us that clustered in Lagos with salaries that are far from what is obtainable in Oyo town never know when we will have a land to ourselves not to talk of becoming a landlord.

To be Candid, properties in Lagos is absurd and extremely unreasonable.

In other not to digress too far,my journey availed me the opportunity to see faces that the last time I saw them should be around 2003 and 2004.Even,if not that I saw my roommate in Ilesa in 2009,we would be counting 15years of separation now but to the glory of God,we met again after a decade of separation.

The birthday bash was quite grounded with my stay since Saturday evening till this morning.

I saw my roommate again with his entire family and it was a pleasant time to talk about old issues and introducing his roommate to his family made me to understand practically that old wines tastes better.





Though,he still maintain his physique but on my side I have added weight with me being a beard gang.

I really enjoyed my moment in Akinmorin with the entire Oyewo dynasty.

Thanks to my host and his beautiful wife—Engr.Oyewo Bolarinwa.

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