Do you think your attitude is good and acceptable?

Stop it before it stop you.
Stop fixing eye-lashes,
Stop wasting time fixing nails,
Stop wasting time on make over.


Time is of essence,
The beauty of your destiny can never be reflected in your outward look.
What this generation and posterity want from you is outside the confines of your outward look.


Take your time to fix your attitude.
You will attract the right attention when your character is good.
Good attitude and characters are needed for your prayers to be answered.


Until you get your attitude right,your efforts to achieve your desire might be a hard nut to crack.


God respect and honour the humble but resist the proud.


Goliath was proud and wicked but God taught him humility by allowing a teenager of 17years called David to destroy him with the whole of the Philistines scattering when Goliath fell off.


Just as people around Goliath suffered defeat,those who live around any body who is proud might suffer with the proud but if we spend our time pointing it out,the life of the wicked and others might be saved.


Right attitude attracts right attention. and right direction.
Right character commands right congregation of the right people.


Your struggle to get along smoothly with the reality of life is hinged on your ability to show how positive your attitude is to people around you.





It is foolishness to have a flat attitude and expect your life to fiat right vibes.


Pause for a while and check what others are talking about you.


Can they all be wrong making negative comments about you?


You think their complaints are wrong but the best you can do is to appraise their complaints based on what the complaints are all about.


You don’t give a damn?


Yes!It is good and cool not to give a damn about whatever they are saying about you but it is only a whore or a prostitute that live a life based on such philosophy.


Great minds appraise themselves periodically in order to become better and even with people around them.


Enough of displaying bad attitude.


Our world needs better attitude from better people for the fate of posterity to be better in the process of time.


Attaining an altitude of relevance and prominence requires having the necessary attitude that will serve as a launching pad to project your through personality to people around you in the process of time.


When you have the right attitude to every issues of life, expected victory becomes a walk over having the potential of building a good relationship that will make people around you to enhance their relationship with you.


Good relationship and the ability to maintain such relationship are keys that must be kept by anyone who desire to have a better effective lifestyle that is devoid of grudges and malice thereby prolonging longevity and sound health.


The question is:


In the course of your existence on earth, will you enhance better relationship through better attitude or will you remain adamant or unconcerned about what people say about you?







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