Are we prepared for the booming population?

It was on my way out on Friday last week that I observed within the vicinity of where I was that within such a space that there are many women around been blessed with a protuded belly.


Initially,I thought I was being unrealistic and unreasonable about my observation but I was wrong as I kept on seen many pregnant women on my way out.


At that point,it dawn on me that we are blessed in this part of the world with our men and women been fruitful as far as procreation wants it.


I was a little bit frugal and economical with my statistics at the point because I opined that in ten years’time Nigeria population will be around 250 million but my statistics was defeated when I read that we are already 201million.


So,it is expediently necessary that I have to correct myself by being realistic.


If this astronomical increase is unchecked,I think the Nigeria population might hit 500 million in ten years’ time.


Anyway,this form of increase is not a crime but a blessing in disguise only if we understand how we can turn it around for the progress of our dear country.





It means if we optimised and maximised this population boom,we will have no hassle in our human capital resources that has been a source of blessing to many nations of the world.


In another vein, while I was meditating on my observation,I noticed that the population boom we are experiencing might end up being a burden to our national existence when we put into consideration how backward we are as a nation when we are having lesser population.


Apart from Providence and share luck with faith and superstition that makes a content of our creed,anthem and mantra,there is nothing on ground that we have as a plan for the new born babies we are expecting.


Our government have been unable to meet up with the demand of all of us that are around now,how can we expect those that are in the womb to be taken care of?


It is a pity that we are trapped in a geographical location and entity that has no value and premium for life’s and we can see how her citizens are being treated in the country and some that are in diaspora are even having a feel of the despicable level of inhumanity Nigerians are exposed to without any form of solutions to it in the nearest future.


No form of excuse will be acceptable because countries with high population census are trying to do better.


At least,China and India have been able to upgrade themselves as a relevant force in the comity of Nations.


In conclusion,we are blessed until we know the value of our blessings.This is the only way by which we make our blessings count for the overall development of our nation which should start when every individual in the country are given a preference and treated the way others are being treated in other nations of the world.



Pictures downloaded from PEXEL


©mlstcommunication 2019.



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