Do you know that your business needs your presence?

It is a great feat of achievement when anyone is able to put down any form of idea that will birth a business venture or conglomerate in the process of time.

At least, having a business avails someone to have control on its time and finances to a large extent.


This has been the desire of many and it is on this desire that vision that turns out to be globally accepted is birthed.


Just of recent, on a particular Saturday afternoon, after I closed from office. I took a tricycle to one of the bus -stop that I will passed through in getting myself back home.


As usual, every bus-stop in Lagos is always a place for trade and commerce that is conveniently created by Small Medium Scale entrepreneur.


As usual, I always pause at this bus-stop to get my fruits and vegetables. The first set of fruits I bought was cucumber and carrot. Since, we are in the season of Mango fruit which is one of my best fruit, I have to look around to get some mango fruits.


In the course of getting it, I looked around but I was unable to see a particular young guy who has been a regular face that I always approached.


So, I patronized the first stand but our transaction was not successful. Then, I moved forward until I got to the next one on the line but the person in charge was not around.


As I was about leaving and turning back, I heard a voice from the other side of the road.








Don’t leave. I am here.


I heard a voice behind me because I already turned my back walking ahead to look for another stand.


As I turned to answer or reference the voice at my back, I realized that it was the particular known lad that I always patronize that kept beckoning on me to come back.


He ran across from the other side of the road to inform me that that stand I checked on which no one was around to attend to me is his stand.


Then, I challenged him.


Why are you not staying with your goods?




fruit 1.jpg


I always recognize your stand by seeing you only.


If I see you with your goods, I wouldn’t have turned back to look for another stand and I wouldn’t have patronize the first stand.


He later apologized giving excuses that he was busy attending to some issues at the other side of the road.


It was at this point that I realized that he would have lost my patronage just because I couldn’t meet him in the vicinity of his business venture.


This might be common or uncommon in many business ventures especially the small scale businesses that the business owner will get to a point whereby the focus required by the business to scale up is lost and once the owner is distracted looking for another business idea, the business venture starts suffering due to the absence of the person that birth the vision of such business idea.


Newly-hatched business idea needs full and utmost presence of the visioner or founder for such a business to achieve the desired growth.


Running businesses by proxy or third party might be good and acceptable to a certain extent but it might end up attracting a risk that might end up being too expensive to avert. Hence, such business idea remain stagnant or suffer total crash.


Any form of small scale business should not be left unattended to by the owner. The presence of the owner will have an indelible mark of progress on such a business. This involves investment of time and attention to such business.


It is when the desire and the deserved timely attention is given to such a business that the business is ripe to attract the desired growth.


A situation whereby a customer or a client is unable to access the presence of the business owner when necessary smell a doom for the expansion of such business.


It is pertinent to note that a stagnant business venture or any business that collapse is a function or poor management of resources which can be due to poor policies and managerial skills on the part of the owner or on the part of the entire society due to some business-environmental forces that are toxic and acidic to the survival of the business idea.


And the collapse of any business signifies quantum loss of resources and finances that will end up adding up to unemployment indices of any geographical entity.


In conclusion, small scale business owner should be aware of this fact that the survival and the prosperity of their business is hinged and hanged on the availability of their beautiful faces that is potent enough to draw customers to patronize their wares and goods at any point in time.



fruit 3


“Having a business venture is not enough, dedicating

time and resources to it is


what matters”.


What is needed for you to make the right sales and profit in business is your presence at the point of sales of your goods and services.


“Your absence smells doom and it can be asserted to be

toxic, poisonous and acidic to the health of your



“Nothing counts like your presence at the place of your





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©mlstcommunications 2019.







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