Colostrum is the baby’s first breast milk. It is very important to begin to breastfeed the first hour after delivery. In the first half hour of birth, the babies sucking reflex is strong and the baby is more alert therefore, it is an ideal time to breastfeed. It is important to establish a good breastfeeding pattern within the first few days, which is crucial to begin your breastfeeding journey.

Colostrum (known colloquially as beestings, bisnings or first milk) is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals (including many humans) immediately following delivery of the newborn. Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth. Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease. In general, protein concentration in colostrum is substantially higher than in milk. Fat concentration is substantially higher in colostrum than in milk in some species.
Colostrum protects the baby against diseases. It is lower in fat and higher in proteins. It is the perfect food for the new baby’s digestive system. It also has a laxative effect, helping your baby pass its first stool called meconium. Colostrum also helps clear excess bilirubin, which can help with jaundice.



Colostrum has many immune factors, natural antibodies, providing strong support for the immune system. Additionally, colostrum fights viruses, bacterias, yeasts, fungus, allergens and toxins. Colostrum provides the baby’s body with numerous immune and growth factors.

Colostrum also has vitamins and minerals. They include:
Vitamin B6,
Vitamin B12,
Vitamin E,
Vitamin C,
Thiamin (Vitamin B1),
Folic Acid,
Pantothenic Acid,
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2),
Glycogen and Retinoic Acid.
The minerals included in Colostrum are:
Sodium and
Colostrum also contains growth factors.




They are :
Growth hormone (GH),
Insulin type growth factor (IGF-1),
Insulin type growth factor (IGF-2),
Transforming growth factor (TGF-alpha),
Transforming growth factor (TGF-beta) and
secretory IgA.

Secretory IgA which protects the baby from viruses and bacteria is also found in Colostrum. It also protects against E. Coli and other allergies. Other immunoglobulins include IgG, IgD, igE and IgM which also protect against bacterial and viral infections. Lysozyme is an enzyme that protects the infant against E Coli and Salmonella. It promotes the growth of healthy intestinal flora and has antinflammatory functions. Bifidus factor supports the growth of Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is a beneficial bacteria that protects the baby against harmful bacteria by creating an acidic environment where it cannot survive.


Other Health Related Components of Colostrum are:
Lacto peroxidase-thiocyanate: anti-microbial, Lactoferrin: regulates iron adsorption 20 times more concentrated in colostrum than milk. It is highly antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant.




Health Benefits of Colostrum for your Newborn.

1. Easy to Digest.
2. 2. Boosts the Immunity of the Child.
3. 3. Promotes Healthy Growth and Development.
4. 4. Facilitates First Bowel Movement.
5. 5. Promotes Sound, Sleep.
6. 6. Prevents Stomach Infections.
7. 7. Complete Nutrition.
8. 9. Natural Vaccine.
9. 10. Effective source of Energy.
10. 11. Effective Brain Growth.

In conclusion, breast milk contains fats that are good for the brain development so starting to breastfeed right away in the hospital gets your child off to a great start in life. Therefore, Colostrum is a great start for your baby’s health.





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Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’: Everything She Said About Her Pregnancy and Birth of Twins

Beyonce’s documentary film, Homecoming, hit Netflix early Wednesday morning, and it offers up a glimpse into Queen Bey’s life that fans don’t often get to see.

The documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at what went into Beyonce’s epic performance at last year’s Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, where she became the first black woman to ever headline the event. The 37-year-old performer was originally scheduled to headline in 2017, but “unexpectedly” got pregnant with twins, Sir and Rumi.

“I was supposed to do Coachella the year prior but I got pregnant unexpectedly,” Beyonce says over video footage of her happily showing off her baby bump. “And it ended up being twins which was even more of a surprise.”



be 2


The documentary also includes home movies and never-before-seen photos of her and husband JAY-Z meeting their newborn son and daughter for the first time.

Beyonce goes on to share what a toll the pregnancy had on her body. “My body went through more than I knew it could. I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth,” she confides. “I had an extremely difficult pregnancy. I had high blood pressure. I developed toxemia, preeclampsia.”

Beyonce also talks about what she endured upon giving birth to twins in June 2017. “And in the womb, one of my babies’ hearts paused a few times so I had to get an emergency C-section,” she reveals.


Once the babies were born and Beyonce decided to go back to work on her Coachella performance as a mother of newborns and 6-year-old Blue Ivy, she admits that being a working mom didn’t come easily.

“In the beginning there were so many muscle spasms and just internally, my body was not connected,” she confesses. “My mind was not there. My mind wanted to be with my children. What people don’t see is the sacrifice.”


“I would dance and go off to the trailer and breastfeed the babies, the days I could I would bring the children,” Beyonce recalls.

Throughout Homecoming, fans see JAY-Z and Blue Ivy at rehearsals and there is even a scene where the twins, who were not even a year old yet, pay a visit and Beyonce runs to put them both in her arms.

“I’m just trying to figure out how to balance being the mother of a six year old and twins that need me and giving myself creativity,” she shares. “Physically, it was a lot to juggle. It’s like, before I could rehearse 15 hours straight. I have children, I have a husband, I have to take care of my body.”


Beyonce says later in the documentary, “I just feel like I’m just a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I’m not even trying to be who I was. It’s so beautiful that children do that to you.”

This isn’t the first time Beyonce has gotten real about what it’s like to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world and a mother.





Beyoncé Is Reportedly Recording New Songs and Has a Netflix Documentary in the Works

Two new Beyoncé projects are forthcoming, Us Weekly is reporting, in addition to Beyoncé’s voice work as Nala in Disney’s upcoming The Lion King live-action film. Multiple sources told the outlet that the singer plans to release a couple new songs this year, along with a Netflix documentary focused in part on her 2018 history-making Coachella performance.





One source told Us that “Beyoncé doesn’t have a new full album,” but she is recording “couple of new tracks [for] a deluxe album filled with old songs.” They will be her first new solo album since Lemonade was released in 2016.

A second source said the Netflix doc “will be tied to her Coachella 2018 performance” with additional footage. That Coachella performance, by the way, had a staggering 26-song set list that spanned her entire career. Beyoncé acknowledged the significance of her performance at one point to the crowd, telling them: “Thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline Coachella.”

Beyoncé was joined by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a Destiny’s Child reunion; her sister Solange Knowles; and her husband Jay-Z at different points during her performance.

Beyoncé’s 2018 performance comes one year after she was originally announced as a headliner for the 2017 show. As she explained to the crowd at Coachella, her pregnancy with twins Sir and Rumi Carter led her to delay the performance by one year.

“I’m so happy that I am here,” she told the audience in 2018. “I was supposed to perform at Coachella [last year] but I ended up getting pregnant—thank God! So I had time to dream and dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly.…Thank you guys for sharing this with me. I hope y’all enjoyed the show.”





Careless United undone by Messi double as Barca cruise into semis

Lionel Messi pounced on two Manchester United mistakes to score twice and end their hopes of another Camp Nou comeback as Barcelona breezed into the Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday.

After an excellent start, United were undone twice in four minutes by Messi, who first nicked the ball off the careless Ashley Young and then watched as a weak shot from distance squirmed underneath David de Gea.

Philippe Coutinho, in perhaps his best performance of the season, added a third with a curling effort into the top corner and by the end, an outclassed United might have been relieved the score was not more traumatic than 3-0, 4-0 on aggregate.

A dizzying opening spell, in which Marcus Rashford had hit the crossbar, was long-forgotten, even if it could offer Barcelona’s next opponents some encouragement.

Liverpool, who take a 2-0 lead to Porto on Wednesday, are the most likely obstacle between Barca and their first Champions League final since they last won this tournament in 2015. Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane might feel encouraged.




Instead, United’s pair of early errors made this another night about Messi and ensured any faint hopes of repeating the comeback against Paris Saint-Germain, or even the famous 1999 rescue act against Bayern Munich, on this same pitch, were dashed.

Messi now has his 109th and 110th Champions League goals and, potentially, three extra matches to reduce the gap on Cristiano Ronaldo’s 126, after Juventus were dumped out by Ajax. Barcelona’s fans celebrated that too.

United’s coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had urged his strikers to be more lethal here but it felt ominous that even before kick-off, Rashford, Anthony Martial, Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez had hit 42 goals this season, while Messi on his own had 43.

Around an hour before kick-off, Alex Ferguson was on the side of the pitch, shaking hands with Ryan Giggs and sharing words with Solskjaer, the scorer of that goal against Munich here 20 years ago.

They could have hardly have asked for a better start. United were brilliant for eight minutes and could have been ahead within 30 seconds as Rashford raced onto a curving Paul Pogba pass and toed away a shot, which Marc-Andre ter Stegen bravely left to graze his own crossbar.

  • Magic Messi –

Barca were flustered, so much so the crowd even cheered with relief when Arthur Melo played his team’s first convincing pass.

Then, Barcelona had their own eight-minute flurry as United almost conceded a penalty, ruled out after Fred took the ball before bringing down Ivan Rakitic, and then did concede, twice, to Messi.

Both could have been avoided, even if Young’s turn on the edge of his own box was punished in devastating fashion. Young lunged in to atone for his mistake but Messi skipped away from him, poked it through Fred’s legs and then whipped the ball past into the corner.

The second was simpler. Fred and Scott McTominay closed in on Coutinho and the ball spilled out to Messi, whose dribbling shot with his right foot should have drawn a routine save. Instead, De Gea let is squirm under his body for 2-0.

Pogba lashed out at the increasingly influential Arthur and Barca could have had a third before half-time, De Gea scrambling across to save on the line when Sergi Roberto should have finished.

Messi could have had his hat-trick too after Luis Suarez found him with a superb cutback and there was an almost comical sequence in the second half when the Argentinian played with his United chasers before finally being bundled over by McTominay.

Rashford might have made it interesting if he had controlled Pogba’s ball over the top but Barcelona were in exhibition mode, helped by a vintage Coutinho curler after he had cut inside from the left.

Messi even attempted a bicycle kick and there were celebrations from the home fans when news went round that Ajax had taken the lead in Turin. They believe this is their year.