Why are they still missing?

It has been five years now since the news of kidnapping of Chibok girls by Boko Haram became a source of National concern to the entire human race.

Till now, the scar of this level of inhumanity still remained an eye sore to the human race.

Since then the campaign for the release of these School Children has remained active in Nigeria with the slogan

“Bring back our girls–BBOG.

The question is:

Have they being brought back?

Either yes or no!

Let’s dedicate this piece to the lost children scattered all over the world including the remaining Chibok Girls and Dapchi Girls especially LEAH SHUAIBU.




Like every other day,
Early in the morning,
In preparation for a new day,
In readiness for school,
She packed her bag ,
Bid daddy and mummy goodbye,
Hopeful to see them later in the day,



As fate will have it,
On the 14th of April 2014,
She became a victim of circumstances,
With other colleagues in the school,
Like a cattle, she was whisked away ,
To an unknown destination by Boko Haram insurgents,
She became a victim of terrorism.

Like wild fire, the news of this dastardly act consume every tabloid,
It became an international issue, it became a political issue,
Leaders all over the world were caught unaware,
Nobody knows what to do to salvage the situation,
Chibok community was thrown into wailing and gnashing of teeth.



Daddy and mummy kept biting their hands,
Regretting and lamenting the fate of their lost children,
Had I known I would have stopped her from going to school,
Filled the mouth and mind of many parents.



Promises were made to salvage the situation,
Diplomatic steps were taken to bring back our girls,
Every nooks and crannies of the world was engulfed with protest and anger.

The world spoke with one voice,
‘Bring back our girls’
Day by day the clock kept tickling,
Days started counting,
nothing has been done.

Just like yesterday,
Five solid years have gone bye,
Daddy and mummy are still hopeful of the safe return of their girls,
As usual, our leaders are still making promises to bring back our girls.

I kept asking questions,
Is it a curse for someone to come from this part of the world?

How can our children turn out being a victim of unknown circumstances.
Five years of separation, Five years of staying with strange landlords,
Five years of living with terrorist,
This is the worst form of crime .




I pray that divinity will intervene in the situation on ground.
Parents on the surface of the earth,
Mothers and father’s should spend today praying for our mother earth and for their children.

None of our children will end up being a victim of negative circumstances.
None of our children will end up being a victim of kidnapping.
Till all Chibok girls  and Dapchi girls returns.
Our mouth shall be filled with one sentence,
Bring back our girls.

Dedicated to the missing Chibok girls and Dapchi Girls,

LEAH SHUAIBU is still wailing for freedom in the hands of her captors.

Dedicated to the loss children all over the world.
This one is for all the loss children —-Lost children by Micheal Jackson.


©mlstcommunications 2019.


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