Are you respecting or idolizing?

The bible admonished all Christians to respect kings and every earthly leaders since their appointment is known ,referenced and recognized by God.

There appointment is not a coincidence but a providence.

In spite of this, it tantamount to misnomer when they are viewed and treated as a god in any form.

Given them reference is not bad in itself but when it get to a point whereby they can not be subjected to constructive criticism makes them to be liable to mistake that could have a wrong reflection on people they are assigned to lead.

If as a Christian, your way of respecting your spiritual leaders is by keeping mum when they goofed,there is no justifiable reasons to speak against any political leader when they are derailing.

If you believed that it is appropriate not to be concerned about how your Pastor manage offering and tithe in the coffers of the Church by seeing it as a way of giving respect to your Pastor, there is no justifiable reasons for you to wag your tongue when your senators, honourables,governors and other political leaders mismanaged the national treasury.





One of the concept of Leadership that makes it worth while is accountability or transparency.

Once this is out of what any form of leadership stand for, such form of leadership will end up loosing its purpose or its purpose will be subjected to wrong realities that will enhance confusion.

Hypocrisy is a sin.

Hypocrisy is when you frown at your senators and other political leaders misappropriating public funds for personal aggrandisement but you hail your Pastors when they are using your offering the way they like since the money belongs to God.

Whether spiritual or secular,every leader is recognized and referenced by God,and God is looking at them in thesame way and manner expecting them to be accountable and reasonable in the ways and manners they handle the affairs of men.

Be a complete Christian,stop being partial by making a god out of your Pastor.

If Jesus Christ can frown against Sadducees and Pharisees and even accursed them.

It is never out of place or out of point to frown against any  man of God if we notice truthfully that what we are having in our spiritual sanctuaries is being watered down by anyone of them.

Though they are human,they are called upon into Ministry to be blameless.

All these propaganda,whether true or false about men of God having sexual intimacy with women are not supposed to be.

It is a wrongdoing that is against the ways of God and it is against everything that is expected from people that are standing as an ambassador of Christ on earth.

They are dents on the body of Christ.

Hypocrisy is not what Jesus Christ died for.




Self righteousness is not part of what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is all about.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ targets nothing but the death of the sinful nature that was handed over to us by Adam and Eve.

Happy Easter in Advance.


©mlstcommunications 2019.

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