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Are you respecting or idolizing?

The bible admonished all Christians to respect kings and every earthly leaders since their appointment is known ,referenced and recognized by God.

There appointment is not a coincidence but a providence.

In spite of this, it tantamount to misnomer when they are viewed and treated as a god in any form.

Given them reference is not bad in itself but when it get to a point whereby they can not be subjected to constructive criticism makes them to be liable to mistake that could have a wrong reflection on people they are assigned to lead.

If as a Christian, your way of respecting your spiritual leaders is by keeping mum when they goofed,there is no justifiable reasons to speak against any political leader when they are derailing.

If you believed that it is appropriate not to be concerned about how your Pastor manage offering and tithe in the coffers of the Church by seeing it as a way of giving respect to your Pastor, there is no justifiable reasons for you to wag your tongue when your senators, honourables,governors and other political leaders mismanaged the national treasury.





One of the concept of Leadership that makes it worth while is accountability or transparency.

Once this is out of what any form of leadership stand for, such form of leadership will end up loosing its purpose or its purpose will be subjected to wrong realities that will enhance confusion.

Hypocrisy is a sin.

Hypocrisy is when you frown at your senators and other political leaders misappropriating public funds for personal aggrandisement but you hail your Pastors when they are using your offering the way they like since the money belongs to God.

Whether spiritual or secular,every leader is recognized and referenced by God,and God is looking at them in thesame way and manner expecting them to be accountable and reasonable in the ways and manners they handle the affairs of men.

Be a complete Christian,stop being partial by making a god out of your Pastor.

If Jesus Christ can frown against Sadducees and Pharisees and even accursed them.

It is never out of place or out of point to frown against any  man of God if we notice truthfully that what we are having in our spiritual sanctuaries is being watered down by anyone of them.

Though they are human,they are called upon into Ministry to be blameless.

All these propaganda,whether true or false about men of God having sexual intimacy with women are not supposed to be.

It is a wrongdoing that is against the ways of God and it is against everything that is expected from people that are standing as an ambassador of Christ on earth.

They are dents on the body of Christ.

Hypocrisy is not what Jesus Christ died for.




Self righteousness is not part of what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is all about.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ targets nothing but the death of the sinful nature that was handed over to us by Adam and Eve.

Happy Easter in Advance.


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Commander Warns US of Iran’s Powerful Response to Designation of IRGC as Terrorist Organization

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari condemned the US decision to designate the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, warning that implementation of the decision would be reciprocated by Iran powerfully.

“The Iranian Army’s Ground Force cooperates hand in hand with IRGC,” General Heidari said on Friday.

He reiterated that the enemy’s decision to designate IRGC a terrorist group was madness and Americans should know that their move is a self-destruction act since they have put the security of their own forces, in particular the US Central Command (CENTCOM), at risk across the world.

The United States on Monday designated the IRGC as a “foreign terrorist organization”, marking the first time Washington has formally labelled another country’s military a “terrorist group”.

Responding to Washington’s move, Iran immediately declared the US as “state sponsor of terrorism” and American forces in the region “terrorist groups”.


Iran’s top security body, the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), in a statement issued on Monday evening declared the United States a “terrorist government”, and blacklisted the “CENTCOM and all its affiliates a terrorist group”.

The SNSC – that is headed by President Hassan Rouhani – condemned Washington’s move, calling it “an illegal and dangerous action” that poses a “major threat to regional and international peace and security and grossly violates the rules of international law”.

The statement further condemned the US decision as “unlawful and unreasonable action” prompted by the Islamic Republic’s regional influence and success in fighting against terrorists, and blamed CENTCOM for harming Iran’s national security as well as ruining the lives of “innocent Iranian and non-Iranian individuals” to promote the US “aggressive policies” in West Asia (the Middle-East).

“The Islamic Republic of Iran regards this baseless move as a major threat to regional and international peace and security and a blatant violation of the compelling rules of international law and the United Nations Charter,” Iran’s top security body reiterated.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had asked Iranian President Rouhani to designate the CENTCOM as a terrorist organization.

Due to the “clear support” US forces in Western Asia lend to terrorist groups, and their own “involvement in terrorist activities”, the US military in the region should be put on a list of terrorist groups in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zarif said in a letter to Rouhani and Iran’s Supreme National Security Council.

Also in a tweet on Monday, the Iranian top diplomat slammed the decision by the US administration on labeling the IRGC a “foreign terrorist organization”, seeing Trump’s close ties with Netanyahu as a main contributor to the gravely wrong move made by the US president ahead of the Tuesday election in Israel.

“A(nother) misguided election-eve gift to Netanyahu. A(nother) dangerous US misadventure in the region,” Zarif wrote on Twitter on Monday, referring to the IRGC designation as yet another move by the US president in aid of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after Trump’s recent decision to recognize Israel’s annexation of the Syrian Golan Height.

The US’ Golan Heights decision, which is in obvious contravention of international law, has been met with condemnation by the international community, with the UN and even Washington’s Persian Gulf and European allies blasting the move.

Netanyahu welcomed the US decision to label Iran’s IRGC a “terrorist organization”, rushing to thank his “dear friend” Trump for answering “another important request that serves the interests of our country and the region”.

“We will continue to act together in any way against the Iranian regime that threatens the state of Israel, the United States and the peace of the world,” the Israeli PM wrote on Twitter.

With Israel’s election to take place on Tuesday, the Israeli primer is likely grateful for the latest public show of Trump support for his government. The right-wing Likud party, led by Netanyahu, and Blue and White political alliance, led by former Israeli Defense Forces chief Benny Gantz, who threatens to end Netanyahu’s decade-long tenure, are considered the main rivals in the polls to elect members of Knesset (Israel’s parliament).


The Israeli regime’s traditionally close relationship with the US has grown stronger under Trump. Washington recognized Jerusalem al-Quds as the Israeli “capital” in December 2017 and moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the ancient city in May 2018, sparking global condemnations.

Responding to the US hostility towards the IRGC, General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces declared in a statement on Tuesday that the forces under its command would fight against the US Central Command known as CENTCOM “terrorist group”.

“The US administration’s move to designate the IRGC as a terrorist group is actually a desperate attempt and retaliation to cap the US failures in the region and of course, it lacks operational value and validity and is practically doomed to failure,” the statement said.

The statement referred to the SNSC’s reaction to Washington’s decision and designation of the CENTCOM as a terrorist group, and said the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces would consider the US Army forces under the CENTCOM command as terrorists and “will not spare any efforts to support the IRGC’s anti-terrorism measures in the fight against the CENTCOM terrorist group”.



What do you know about the African Richest Man?

Few days ago,precisely on the 10th of April 2019,the entire world celebrated the birthday of one of the most popular and influencing enigma and business tycoon cum philanthropist who is presently making the entire human world a place where every human being will have a sense of belonging.


Luckily, this shinning stars hailed from Nigeria but his web of influence has cut across the entire human race to the extent that he has remained the richest African man for years now with hi, being among the first-one hundred richest man in the world.

Due to the fact that he had his birthday in the month of April, he has been chosen by as the THE QUINTESSENTIAL for the month of April 2019.


Let’s get ourselves entertained with who this man is.


Aliko Dangote is undoubtedly a rich man– in fact, currently the richest man in Africa. He is a billionaire and the richest man from Nigeria. In addition, he is currently among the richest men in the world today. He came to being in 1957 and he had built his wealth over the years.
Aliko Dangote is a very frequent on Forbes Top 100 list of the richest people. His peak on this list was in 2014 when he became the 23rd richest person in the entire world. Currently, according to the official Forbes website, this businessman is the 66th most powerful person worldwide.

He had grown gradually to become the richest black man on the face of the earth today.Many international magazines such as Forbes, the Enterpreneur, CNN and so on, including popular bloggers in Nigeria.


He was born in Kano and he is presently 62 years old. He has many business interests spread all over Nigeria and he also has several international businesses. He has spread his reach to a number to African countries. He deals in agriculture, cement and several other aspects of the Nigerian economy.


When the estimate of his riches was done in 2015, he was said to have up to $18.6 billion as his networth. As at today, he is at the number 67th position among the richest men in the world. When his networth was measured in 2014, he was at the 23rd position in the world. His family is so prominent in northern Nigeria. The name of his grandfather was Alhaji Alhassan Dantata. Dantata was a big business man in Nigeria when he was still alive. Dangote seems to have taken after his grandfather in the business world.


Dangote actually started business when he was in primary school. He would buy sweet in big cartons and would sell the sweet to the other children in the school in order to make money. His interest in business can therefore be said to have started manifesting from the early part of his life.

When Dangote Group started, it was just a very small trading company. The company was established in 1977. It is however a very big company today that has spread across several African countries. He now has interest in freight, cement production and food processing. He is also a force to reckon with in the sugar industry today in Nigeria. Dangote Flour, Dangote Cement and Dangote Sugar Refinery are undoubtedly among the top companies in Nigeria and a number of other African countries.

Dangote sugar provides up to 70% of the sugar needs in Nigeria. Dangote is also involved in salt supply. The company has interest in fertilizer, pasta, fish and rice importation too. His company equally exports sesame seeds, cocoa, cashew nuts and cotton. He has invested in oil & gas, real estate, transport, banking and textile industries.

As at today, Dangote Group has employed up to 11,000 individuals and he is still expanding to employ others. Over the years, Dangote has won several awards, both in Nigeria and internationally. He also won an African award from Forbes magazine in 2014. He is married with up to three kids.





Aliko Dangote’s Education.


He received his primary education at Sheikh Ali Kumasi Madrasa. Later, he moved on to become a student in Capital High School, Kano. Aliko Dangote obtained his higher education degree in Al-Azhar University, Kairo, where he specialized in business studies and administration.

Originally, Aliko Dangote came from a pretty wealthy and respected family. His grandfather was Alhaji Alhassan Dantata, who once was the richest African before he passed away in 1955. As his father passed away very early, Aliko’s rich grandpa had to take over and become his guardian. However, the story of Aliko Dangote is still very inspirational, because not every wealthy person can still work hard to achieve personal accomplishments, and have such exceptional business skills. Aliko Dangote remembered that during his primary school education, he would go out to buy candy cartons and then sold them to his peers to make some money. Even at this young age, he was already very interested in business and curious about how it works.


There are different reports of how Aliko Dangote began developing his business on a bigger scale. According to some accounts, when he was only 21 years old, he borrowed $3,000 from his uncle, planning on importing and selling agricultural goods in Nigeria. In a few months, his venture became a success, and he was able to repay the loan. As the other version states, it was $2,500, and he borrowed this money from his grandfather, promising to repay loans within three years. He settled in Lagos and started his rice and sugar importation from Brazil and Thailand, and selling the goods in Nigeria. His business quickly reached high demand and became extremely profitable. Aliko paid back the money to his grandfather in three months after starting the venture. Either way, this is how Aliko Dangote started trading agricultural goods. Dangote Group was established in 1977. The same year, Aliko Dangote decided to relocate to Lagos, in hopes to expand the company. At first, Dangote Group was producing some agricultural goods, as well as pasta, flour, and sugar. However, Aliko Dangote’s little business became interesting for lots of people, and they started massively buying the goods that Dangote Group produced. Very soon, this man has become one of not so many Nigerian billionaires. He also won the approval of the government. This is how he was given a cement plant, which eventually become a huge success. Soon, Dangote Group officially became the largest supplier of sugar in Nigeria and gained a very rich and diverse client base. Among Dangote’s clients, were various breweries, confectioneries, and soft drink manufacturers. When he started pursuing and developing his cement plant, it quickly became one of the most successful new entries into the cement manufacturing industry world.Aliko Dangote now owns large companies, which are all branches of Dangote Group.


Aliko Dangote’s refinery is not only the largest in Africa, but also the third largest in the world. Dangote Sugar Refinery produces 800 thousand tones of sugar every year. This man also owns the flour mills and salt factories, which are primary importers of fish, rice, cement, pasta and the fertilizers. It also exports such products as cocoa, cotton, sesame seeds, ginger, and cashew nuts. Aliko Dangote’s group invests in banking, textiles, transport, oil and gas, and real estate.  The billionaire approached the Nigerian Ports Authorities in 2012, with a request of leasing the piece of land which was long abandoned. It was situated in Apapa Port. Dangote’s request was very soon approved, and he got a chance to build flour company facilities on this land. Aliko Dangote has always been the type of businessman who reinvested most of his profit back in business. This is one of the reasons why he has become such a rich and successful business person and the wealthiest person in Nigeria. In one of his interviews where he spoke about his success, he said that Dangote Group is not like other African companies, and they tend not to keep their money in the bank. They make full investments wherever they can, and they always continue investing.


Even though he did not follow the path of many other wealthy Nigerian businessmen whose fortune came from the oil investments, for Aliko Dangote oil is just one of the many ways to earn money. He entered the industry of gas and oil for the additional income. He established Lagos-based oil refinery in 2007. It was estimated that the plant will produce 650,000 oil barrels per day. The British newspaper “Daily Mirror” reported in 2010 that Aliko Dangote was going to purchase a stake of 16 percent in the Premier League football club Arsenal. This stake originally belonged to Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith. However, Dangote went on to deny the rumors. In May 2015 he actually expressed his interest in becoming owner of Arsenal football club. November 2011 was the time Dangote received the award of Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger. This is the second highest honour in Nigeria. This award was given to Aliko Dangote by the ex-President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. In 2014, the government of Nigeria announced that Aliko Dangote has made a very generous donation towards the prevention of the spread of Ebola virus. According to the government, he has donated N150 million. Some of his other awards are Forbes Africa Person of the Year 2014, Clinton Global Citizen Award 2015, and the number six position in the list “100 Most Influential Philanthropists 2018” created by Richtopia, the company from the UK. He also has honorary citizenship of the Arkansas State, which he was been given with six other Nigerians who have done prominent things for the country. Aliko Dangote is not exactly the example of the “rags-to-riches” story, as he already grew in the wealthy family and had a lot of things that other children did not. But we have to applaud his overwhelming interest in the business which he developed since early childhood. Not all rich people can create such a huge business empire as Aliko Dangote.


Dangote’s wife

A lot of Nigerians are interested whether Aliko Dangote is married. Even though this man is so wealthy and has unlimited amounts of money, he is not able to buy everything. He was married twice and also dated a few women, but none of these unions lasted.


His first marriage was when he was only twenty years old. His wife was chosen for him by his family, and their marriage did not last long. Later, he fell in love with another woman – Nafisat Yar’auda. However, she did not want to marry him and rejected his proposal. The second wife of Aliko Dangote was Maria Muhammad Rufai. This marriage also ended in divorce. After he split up with Maria, the rumors appeared in the media about him romance between him and the beauty queen Sylvia Nduka. They were even rumored to be married in secret. But unfortunately, this union was no more successful than the previous ones.


Aliko Dangote’s children.


The successful mogul is a father to three gorgeous daughters. Their names are Halima, Mariya, and Fatima. Not much is known about them, except the fact that they were very studious, and graduated from universities of the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that their father is so wealthy, they are lead very modest way of life.

The oldest daughter of Aliko Dangote, Halima is married to Sulaiman Sani Bello, and together they have two lovely daughters.




Mariya is a graduate of Coventry University. All the daughters are involved in the family business, and hold the respectable positions at his corporation. Aliko Dangote also has an adopted son, whose name is Abdulrahman Fasasi. The businessman is very proud of all of his children.





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