Why is human life becoming endangered?

The rate at which hatred is eaten up the existence of humanity is mind-boggling and mind-blowing.


How can someone explain reference the gory incidence of maiming, murdering and shedding of innocent blood that has become a continuous reality of our daily lifes.


Across the length and breadth of the entire world, human lifes are becoming cheap that it cost nothing but a wave and a rage of fury to take it.


Human existence is gradually becoming endangered and going into extinction by human beings itself and it is becoming stylishly acceptable as a way of life globally.


Every nation of the world has been seen and observed to have its portion of these waves of wickedness and madness that has defied any form of reasonable solution.


Domestic violence, insurgency, cult clash, gangsterism, xenophobism, armed banditry, police brutality, armed robbery and all sorts of vices have been a threat to human existence in recent years.


No single day passes bye without news and record of blood shedding and letting across the entire global community.


It is becoming appalling ,disheartening and overwhelming to every sane mind that this level of sheer wickedness should be the present reality of human race.


Sheer wickedness by human to human makes it more worrisome and frustrating.


How can hatred be so deep to the extent that it led to shedding of blood. This really shows that the premium placed on human life and the values placed on human existence is becoming compromised to the extent that human life is being seen as a material that should be sacrificed cheaply on the slaughters’ slab.


The repeated and the recurrent xenophobic attack witnessed in South Africa is gradually becoming a cultural heritage for the South African society. It is becoming a show of might, cruelty and a ritual whereby whenever South African locals who are vampires and thirsty of blood will just scavenge for any available foreigner as prey and sacrificed to their gods.


South African Society seems to be a society that is densely populated with blood sucking psychopaths who are desperate about nothing but the flesh, blood and souls of foreigners who are seen as a burden to their commonwealth.


Though, frantic efforts have been made by the Nigerian Government engaging the South African Government about the recurrent decimal of innocent Nigerians been maimed and killed, it is quite worrisome as the numbers of Nigerians being sacrificed becomes high annually.


Despite the contribution of Nigeria Government and its citizens in nipping in the bud the apartheid era in South Africa. It is appalling that Nigerians are being paid back with their lifes being sacrificed to xenophobic attack.






It is high time Nigeria Government take a decisive action that will nip in the bud the xenophobic attack being directed to Nigerians by South African locals.


Though, a government that cannot protect and preserve that lifes of her citizenry at home front should not be expected to be reasonable in protecting and preserving the lifes of her citizen in diaspora.


Nigerians cannot continue to be subjected to insensitivity, barbarism and inhumanity in the hands of South Africans blood sucking psychopathic demons.


Let’s preserve human lifes.


Let’s protect human sanctity.


Let’s uphold the dignity of every human beings.






©mlstcommunications 2019















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