The trend of present realities in the Nigerian society always forced someone to have a deep breathe considering series of societal values that have gone down the drain.


Nowadays,it takes a lot of boldness and thinking for anyone to really convince the Millenia about the necessity of education in their journey to greatness.


In a situation whereby the society we live in abhors and praised to high heaven characters who are uneducated accompanied with the fact that it is some of these uneducated personalities that determines what is happening in the society makes it more frustrating.


It happened sometimes ago that one of the popular Road Transport Workers Chairman throw a jab at the Nigeria Education system claiming that the work of an ‘agbero’ is also a professional job like every other professional job being studied in every other Nigerian schools is a confirmation of the evil that has bedevilled the entirety of the Nigerian educational system.






No doubt about it,a monetized society can never appreciate any good thing that quality education can offer.


A society that believed in extreme accumulation of wealth without any traceable source of income will end up like the Nigerian society whereby no one gives a damn about the beauty of working hard to achieve a feat.


The evil of a negative society has eaten deep into every fabrics of the Nigerian existence to the point that promotion and appraisal in many corporate entity is no longer by merit but it has been subjected to dirty approaches that might be beyond what a sane human mind can comprehend.


This makes someone to keep asking series of questions that boils down to the fate of those who are educated when the economy of the entire nation has been sold of to Asian Tigers that has little or no respect to academic achievements.


Not that some of the educated can be shielded from blame due to the fact that many educated ones can not stand their feet to defend what they studied in school because it has gotten to the point that Masters degree holders in this part of the world have become a show of disgrace.





It is appalling and mind-blowing that this is happening in our time but it will be more disheartening for the coming generation because someone could easily observed that the crop of young minds around gives no damn about being serious with their academic achievements.


Can we blame them?




It will be a sin to blame them when some of their uncles and aunties that finished from one higher institution or the other are busy wandering around looking for what to do.The lucky ones among them are busy teaching in the classroom whereby they are being given paenuts as take home pay.


A situation whereby the shout of skills acquisition is on a top gear is quite insulting whereby a MSc holders are being seen frying chin-chin and puff puff makes it more discouraging due to the fact that the contributions of this form of endeavour is too low to add value to the person involved and the GDP of the Nigerian economy.


If at all skills acquisition is the alternative for unemployment,many of the skills being portrayed as a source of employment is too low for what a nation that is bothered about the development of its economy and citizenry should be dashing out as a source of livelihood in Nigeria.


Hence,with all these,it is impossible for any sane mind to rely on whatever is being thrown out as a benefit of education considering the rigours that young Nigerian pass through while in school.


The uncertainty of dreams and visions being fulfilled through the accumulation of academic certification is a mirage in Nigeria now.  It is another means of becoming perpetually miserable for the rest of someone’s life.


The reality of the Nigerian society is discouraging.


In conclusion, what defines aberration is when the society of the educated is being governed by the uneducated. It will trigger confusion and a dampened spirit will be the order of the day.


What a pity.




Featured Image sent by Olalekan–Adedeji– Stylomedia


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