Who will save John from the Law of Karma?

No doubt about it, I believe we are all aware of the potency of Law of karma, which is also known or referred to as the Law of retributive Justice but any one of us reading along with me who has never heard about the fervency of this law in reality will understand through this piece of experience encountered by someone called John recently in real life.



Who will save John from the Law of Karma?


The story goes thus:


Few years ago, about two years, John who has been in search of job after graduation was able to get a job with one of the corporate organization in the City.


He submitted his curriculum vitae and was called upon for interview. Interviewing process was arduous and tasking but John was able to scale through the process which involved many interviewee screened out.


John was the only candidate that made it to the last lap and he was later given an appointment letter as a Store keeper.


He started the job on a good note being promising to the establishment and every other departments he is working in conjunction with.


As it is peculiar with every corporate establishment to subject every new intake into any establishment to periodical appraisal which is usually at an interval of three months and six months before the final confirmation of appointment which is always accompanied with sorts of added benefits.


John was able to scale through all these hurdles with a better performance after he was appraised by his Supervisor and his Human Resource Manager which was finalized by the Chief Executive Officer of the Establishment.


John was happy that he made it during the appraisal and he was able to retain his job.


In the process of time, the unexpected started happening that is against the expectation of everyone in the establishment as John’s attitude and behavior towards his official duty started going down the drain. He lost promises and focus was expected from him and he started misbehaving by being lackadaisical with his job.


Complaints and query started piling up, although it was amazing to all as it beats the wildest imagination of the entire staff of the company.


He was called upon, he was talked to and series of advise was given to him. He was expected to turn a new leaf but all that was invested in changing him to become better fell on a deaf ear.


After a period of grace, joint decisive stand was made by the company to relieve him of his job and one of the main attitude that he was fond of portraying is his affinity for listening to music with his ear piece while at work.


Recently, few weeks ago, the new Human Resource Manager called upon the Manager John worked with then asking her if the Manager knows anything about John’s Performance then.


Ma! Do you know Mr. John? Human Resources asked.

Yeah!!I know him, he worked as one of my subordinate two years ago.

What happened? Why are you asking Sir? His former Manager asked.


Then, the Human Resource Manager expatiate and explained himself that he received a call from a particular Human Resource outsourcing firm asking him if his company can appoint John as a staff if it happened that he is interested in being part of their establishment again?


Since, the Human Resources Manager was not around when John worked with them, he has to call upon his direct boss to ask such a question.


When John’s former direct boss was asked about his performance and disposition about work, the answer was a simple reflection of  near to nothing John’s attitudinal performance when he was a staff of the establishment.



Who will save John from the Law of Karma?


Then, the Human Resource Manager contacted the Human Resource outsourcing firm that is about fixing John’s appointment and narrated what transpired then while John was a staff of his former establishment.


Without writing more or thinking about John’s fate, one could easily figure out what the result of his new interview will looked like.


The Human Resource outsourcing firm would have decided not to call him back.


This is how John reap the fruit of bad seed he has sown years ago.


The Law of Karma simply caught up with John




For the Law of Karma to stop or cease from affecting his chances of getting another job, who will help him out to have freedom from the Law of retributive justice hanging on his neck.


No doubt about it, we can simply ascertain and confirm that the reality of Law of Karma  in can be seen in practical terms in  this story.


Let’s everyone of us be mindful of our attitude.


The quality of your attitude is function of the quality of life.


What defines the outcome of our life is a function of our attitude.


When you are not getting it, kindly check if you are getting your attitude.


A missing attitude will end up in a messy life.



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©mlstcommunications 2019



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