On my way to work today,I was observant of a scene that triggered this write-up.

At a particular junction,there was a struggle for passengers being asked to board a particular transportation company to Edo State.In their usual methodology of canvassing for passengers,there were about three of the canvassers that clogged themselves in a particular tricycle trying to encourage the would-be passenger to board a bus through them.

While I found such a scenario unnecessary and uncalled for,I saw a particular lady that was some distance ahead of me, expected to be walking fast but I observed that she slowed down which invited me to look around and noticed what she was looking at.

She was carried away by the scenario with smiles all over her face but I was somehow bothered about how a pretty lady like her could subject and submit her pace and speed to such a scene by slowing down to get entertained by the struggling bus canvassers.

In the course of me wondering and pondering about the predicament of the lady, something came to my mind as a submission.

I was like:

Anyway, what is good for me is a poison to another person and my fun could be a fury for another person.

Immediately,I pulled my thought off the scenario and continue with other line of thought.

Life has taught me to understand that every human is a product of one relationship or the other.Relationship goes a long way in defining and determining the fate of every human.
What you are apportioned and appointed to in life is a function of your relationship.

While those who live for today sees no reason to cultivate,nurture and maintain good relationship, people who are posterity conscious and sensitive nature,culture and maintain good relationship.

A wise one build bridges but a fool exhibits gullibility by destroying relationship.

The benefits of a relationship might not surface now but it might be a source of transgenerational blessings that people that will acquire such benefits are still out of the scene.

Looking at it very well, any form of relationship we are into today might be a fulcrum that will launch and project our children to the realm of the beauty their destiny will offer.

The relationship you built today might be what your children will rely upon as a source of comfort when you have gone yonder.

It is quite necessary for anyone who desire to build a meaningful life to have meaningful relationships that cut across every religious, ethnic, corporate,social and tribal divides.





While some people are good at building relationships and maintaining it, others have failed in their efforts to build a successful relationship.

Some of the factors that makes many people to find it difficult building a relationship and maintaining it is all about being anti-social, domineering and controlling.

When you are a burden to people around you socially,you can never expect people to glue and gel with you with such a retrogressive behavioural attitude.

Not that I am drifting towards gender divides and bias,being controlling and domineering is quite common among the women folk.

They are fond of exhibiting such attitude once they are dealing with men which is quite wrong and unacceptable.

Though,some might think that this is what feminism connotes but it is not.

Such attitude might seems to be a source of strength for some women but it makes them to draw negative and wrong perception to themselves which might be the reason while many are struggling to leave the realm of being an introvert that cannot maintain a relationship.

In conclusion, relationship entails respecting and maintaining each others boundaries without anyone dominating and controlling each other.



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