Shola Ameobi open to Newcastle United Academy role

Shola Ameobi says he will welcome a coaching role with Newcastle United Academy.

The former Nigeria international has been linked with one of three new roles in the Magpies’ youth set-up.

The 37-year-old who made 397 appearances for the Magpies, scoring 79 goals currently coaches Newcastle kids and is delighted to give back to the club that ‘invested’ in him.

“The Academy stuff is something I have always done. Even when I was a player I would go down in the afternoons to the Academy,” Ameobi told Chronicle.

“If the Academy and club hadn’t invested in me I wouldn’t be where I am. It has always been a passion of mine.


“The Foundation too, is all about the community and what we can do. Football has a huge part to play in the city.

“You have to look at it as a positive light and to affect as many people as you can. The Foundation does that and I’m passion about it.

“I enjoy the coaching and engaging with the kids and do everything I can to help them on and off the pitch to be adults.

“That is something I will always do and what I’m about it. There will always be a part of me for Newcastle United if they want me.

“It’s something I’d love to see where it goes and if I can play a part in helping the club I’m all in.”



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