Nigerians react as bride uses bulldozer as part of her convoy on wedding day (video)

In the bid to stand out and be unique on one’s big day, a lot of brides are beginning to think outside the box and going for unconventional and in this case, jaw-dropping choices as regards how they want their big day to be remembered.

Earlier on, reported the news of how a couple in Akwa Ibom state left jaws hanging after they decided to ride in a tipper truck to their wedding ceremony. Seeing the bride and groom make love happen right at the rear of a commercial truck got the attention of many.

In a similar story, yet another couple has left social media users wondering what is in the air that is probably influencing these weird choices. In the video currently trending on social media, a bride made the odd choice of using a bulldozer as her preferred choice to convey her to her wedding ceremony.

Sitting gracefully in the jaws of the construction machine, she waved majestically as onlookers stood by in shock and awe at the same time. What was even more interesting was the choice of vehicles in her convoy. Expensive fleet of cars followed her bulldozer behind, making it obvious her choice wasn’t for lack of a more fancier means of conveyance.


The video which has since gone viral, gather quite a number of reactions from Twitter users; most of whom thought it was a crazy and hilarious idea.


Still on unconventional wedding themes, Nigerian couple, Taofik and his woman who in preparation for their wedding, released their pre-wedding photos and its theme has a lot of people talking on social media. The couple who wanted to reflect their deep love for All Progressives Congress (APC), posed in APC coloured outfits and campaign posters for their pre-wedding shoot and everyone can agree that it is really unconventional.



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