Happy World Single Parents’Day–In honour of my mum.

Just like any other occurrence in life,

Life is known for its beauty,

Life is known for its ups and downs,

Life is known to be unfair,

We are too young to comprehend,

The essence of the reality on ground,

It happened in one of the days in 1992.


The head of the house embraced polygamy,

Mummy decided to stay on her own,

Daddy left without looking back,

Mummy decided to weather the storm alone.


Still at this point,

We are too little to understand,

What the journey would look like,

What lies ahead was a mirage.


He left us alone to start a new life,

He left us alone to start a new family.

We missed the love of a father,

She decided to stay with us,

Without knowing what the future hold for us.


The journey started and she kept going,

Without a bit of assistance and support,

She took her ground,

She resisted the challenges of life.

She adopted a new way of life,

She became a single parent,

Fetching for the four of us.




single parent

Since 1992,

She has been an amazon,

She has been a goddess,

She has been a queen to all her children.


I discovered that today is dedicated,

As world single parents day,

All I could do,

Is to reminisce on what we passed through,


All I could do is to remember what went wrong from the first day,

All I could do is to pen down my heart,

On what she passed through with her children.


I felt like shedding tears,

I felt like loosing my candors and calmness,

I felt like crying.


Instead of tears,

Instead of mourning and crying,

Instead of regret.


I am happy,

I am elevated into ecstasy,

I am fulfilled.


Life gave me a gold,

God gave me a diamond.

Heaven gave me a rock of strength.


Among all  women,

In existence,

She is the best.

She is an epitome of perfection.

She is an epitome of goodness and goodwill.


She defers the shame and reproach of single parenting.

She gave her children hope and beauty.

She molded us,

She set our feet on the  path of greatness.


She gave us gave us what no woman could offer.


She stood her ground,

She made up her mind to weather the storm of life alone with her children,

We would have become nothing,

If she failed to be strong and determined.


Her determination made the best out of us.

Her commitment to what is good,

Paved ways for us.

Her strength is our source of hope.


She became our mentor,

Till now,

We are still drinking from her fountain of knowledge, perseverance and determination.

I am using this opportunity to remember the love my mum shower on her four children when we were left alone to face the challenges of life.


She has been an epitome of goodwill and strength to all her children.




May God add to your strength as you grow old.


©mlstcommunications 2019


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