When we think that a respite is on the way, another wanton destruction blast on our face.
From the Ethiopian Plane crash that claimed 147 innocent lifes,to building collapse in Lagos whereby 20 innocent school children lost their lifes and terrorist attack in New Zealand that claimed 49 lifes while praying in a mosque with another shooting was recorded in the Netherland not quite long.


It seems that the demon of destruction is on loose and its assignment is to carry out wanton destruction of humanity.

Can we say that the devil and its accompany arsenals of demons are spirit?


To an extent, it won’t be too be an extreme assertion that the devil on loose presently is human and it is made of nothing but flesh and blood.


There are so many devil’s advocate and demonic incarnate on loose presently and it is high time everyone existing on the surface of the earth to have this understanding that humanity is at a point of destruction that will pull the entire human race to oblivion.


How can the world be recording unnecessary and unreasonable spate of destruction on a daily basis.


Only God knows what will happen in the next one minute.

It is becoming quite worrisome and appalling but everything is pointing out to greed and selfishness on the part of everyone in existence.


Even, there is no more platonic relationship again, every relationship seems to be an avenue to proliferate selfishness and greed that are potent enough to cause havoc and damage to another person’s existence.

All these can be concluded to be a product of human errors,mistakes, negligence and greed.

This simply revealed that the devil will cast out in our deliverance prayers lives in us.

The devil is human and it is living among us wining and dining with us on a daily basis.

They are all around you smiling at you as friends and familiars but their minds are against what is good for you.

What they are after is having all to themselves without putting into consideration whose ox is gored.

It is when we understand and accept that the beast in every human is yet to be curtailed and chained that we will know that the devil on rage at this moment is human and he is covered with flesh and blood.






The spate of inhumanity in the entire world has lost control.

Inhumanity seems to be in control and it is wining and making human existence to be scary, fleecing and fickle.


The gory incidence that seems to be the order of the day seems to have defy every form of solution and nothing seems to be strong enough to salvage this evil that is been witnessed across the length and breadth of the entire human race.


Hatred is being brewed and it is having a direct attack on the flesh and blood of human being.


Sincerely, the devil is thirsty of  human blood and hungry of human flesh.





May the blood of the innocent find justice.


©mlstommunications 2019

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