Crossing the Rubicon–Appreciation to all my followers.

It has been a long time dream of mine to see my blog being followed by a thousand other bloggers.


Seeing this coming to pass yesterday night elevated my spirit and my head swell up.


It gave me a opportunity to be inspired and motivated that nothing is impossible for anyone who is by God’s side.


I prayed about it and I always look forward to a day whereby my blog will become a household name with millions of followers asking for more on this platform.




gratitude 1


No doubt about it, mockers expected me to give up but right now, the contents of their shame already consumed them.


Who am I to have a thousand people across the length and breadth of the entire world associating themselves with my content in spite my low knowledge and understanding of what blogging is all about.


There are days and moments of discouragement but I held on to the glory that lies ahead of me.


I will be grateful forever to all my 1000 thousand followers for believing in my contents and my view about life in its entirety.


I am open-minded to any form of idea that will add value to me and people around me.


I am still an amateur.


I am not yet a professional.






Windows and opportunity abound for anyone on this platform who is ready to be a guest blogger or anyone who deem it fit that I should be a guest blogger to his or her blog.


I am grateful and appreciative for this moment and for other moments ahead of us all.


Thanks to all my followers.




©mlstcommunications 2019


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