Mess on the altar of God–A case study of Prophet Joshua Iginla.

No doubt about it, it is no longer a rare occurrence the level of decadence that has eating up the fabrics of the society has gone deeply to affect the church which is expected to be a holy sanctuary and congregation of people who gathered together in holiness.


Though, the church as it is  can never be separated from the society, the society birth the church because it is those who are part of the society that ends up gathering and convocating in the church to do nothing but to offer praise, prayer, fellowship and worship to God.


So, one of the responsibility expected by all and sundry is that the church should be a place whereby destinies are molded through the preaching of undiluted word of God that is expected to have a transformation effect on the status quo of anyone who claimed to belong to a church.


With the waves of happenings and news filtering around, someone could understand and observe that the church is fast loosing hold of what it is expected to stand for in being a channel of connection needed to provide the spiritual needs and relationship between God and man.


What is en vogue in this period of human existence is a kind of aberration that fall short of what is expected from Christians. Many Christians are just emotionally attached to mortality but they are not in anyway has direct bearing to any connection with immortality. They are emotionally attached to their Men of God while the spiritual attachment required by them to live a life that is acceptable by God and their fellow human is nothing to write about.


In other not to digress to much, the recent confession by a popular man of God named Prophet Joshua Iginla of the Champion Royal Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria alongside stories about his wife infidelity is appalling, disheartening and heart-broken.


This form of confession and reality fall short of what is expected from couples who many people across the length and breadth of the entire world are looking up to as mentors in one way or the other.


It is a pity that those who are expected to protect the altar of God from sins and iniquities are the one being caught and being guilty of sins and iniquities God frown against in the Scriptures .It is a situation whereby the expected “corrector” now becomes the one to be corrected.


Though, the man of God at the center of the storm named Prophet Joshua Iginla took the bold step in confessing this heinous sin but the deed has being done.

It is only Christians that are matured in knowing the ways of God that would understand that he has done the right thing in confessing and seeking for forgiveness.


Personal thinking about his confession looks somehow not acceptable spiritually because the account of his confession online indicates that he waited and delayed to confess until he was guilty of infidelity that led him to have children out of wedlock triggering a situation whereby her wife named Yemisi started threatening him.


The question that needs urgent reasonable answer is:






Why did he wait till when his wife started threatening his life till he accepted to confess?


This simply connotes that if there is no human threat,no one would confess of this heinous sin committed by both couple and they will keep deceiving their followers that they are holy and they are good men of God having the right attitudes and characters expected from a good Christian home.


How can a man of God be afraid of human threat above the judgement of God?


It is a pity that we are in the center of human existence whereby the fear of God expected to be the beginning of wisdom has turned out to be nothing to us.


Moreover, my personal thought is quite against the submission of this man of God tagging the children born out of infidelity as “UNHOLY CHILDREN”


The question is:


Is it the fault of the innocent children that their parents have to give birth to them through a means that is unacceptable by God’s standard?


They are innocent. They are faultless. No blame should be apportioned to them.



joshua 1


Whosoever tagged them as “UNHOLY” lacked wisdom expected from a reasonable human being. Such a person should think about a time in the future whereby those innocent kids that are wrongly tagged will ask questions about the rationale that warrant such a code.


Someone might frown at this piece especially those who are blindly attached emotionally to their men of God as a wrong piece but my stand is that if  I understand at my level as a Christian believer to avoid the entanglement of adultery, fornication and extramarital affairs, I expected anyone who claimed to be the oracle of God to play a role that would protect the dignity of the altar he or she occupy.


Though I am not bothered about this occurrence, it is a confirmation of the prophecies of Jesus Christ in the scripture that:


“For many will come in my name,

claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will

deceive many”—Matthew 24 verse 5 (NIV).


We are already in the last days.Many of our men of God are fake and they are not called. If you x-ray their way of life deeply, you will understand that they have skeletons in their cupboard.


I am less bothered and concerned about them. My concern is about those who are being deceived and conned with “thus says the Lord”.


No wonder Jesus Christ raised a concern whether he would meet faith when he comes back.

“I tell you, he will see that they get

justice, and quickly. However, when the

Son of Man comes, will he find faith on

the earth?”–Luke 18 verse 8 (NIV).


In conclusion, there is a need for the church of God to go back to the Lord seeking for forgiveness and remission of sin.It is appalling that the altar of God has been turned into joke by many men of God.No wonder we are experiencing proliferation of churches but the faith of many are waxing cold.This has reduced the impact expected by the church to have on the society to have fizzle out.


May God help us and restore the church of God to the old path where:


“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is

a reproach to any people”—Psalms 14

verse 34 (ESV).


Biblical References: NIV/ESV


©mlstcommunications 2019






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