When you are done with your thought

Can I wait any longer?

Can I keep expecting your response?

Can I keep looking forward to the answer to my request?

Can I keep going with you keeping me in suspense?

I am in quandary of what to do next,

I am getting confused with your unresponsiveness.

I am getting tired with your insensitivity.

I kept asking myself about what to do,

I kept talking to myself about what could have gone wrong,

I kept seeing myself as a failure.

The thought of being put in suspense weighs me down,

The thought of waiting for your response weakens my bone.

My flesh is waning down from expectations from you.

What have I done wrong?

Where do I go from here?

What exactly is the issue on ground?




love 1

I kept asking myself,

What could be the implication of the situation on ground?

I kept seeing myself as a failure.

I kept seen impossibilities on every side.

Just to remind you,

It has been a long time that I declare my intention to you,

Though your response was encouraging,

I kept holding to your word that you will give me a response that I could hold on to,

Day after day,

The clock keep tickling,

I kept expecting  response to my overture.

Though, it might be difficult to rush to my proposal,

Though it might be hard to give in to my request,

Though giving answers to my request demands a lot of reasoning.

I have given you enough time,

I have been patient enough waiting for your answer,

I have been looking forward to your response.

It is gradually becoming a forlorn hope.

What exactly is my offense,

Who can explain the reason for this delay?

Who can assure me that your response would be positive.

I want to assure you,

I want to make it known to you,

No matter the delay,

No matter how forlorn it is becoming,

My love for you knows no bound,

My love for you is ageless,

As no one can see the end of the sea,

So, is my love for you is endless.

As no one can count sand under the sea,

So, is my love for you is countless.

Whatever might be the reason,

I promised to wait for your response.

Your response will determine the beauty of my destiny,

Your answer to my proposal,

Is becoming the reason for my existence.

Please do not deny my request,

Please do not keep me waiting,

Please help me in making my intention known to you.

I will always love you.

No matter how long it takes,

Whenever you are done with your thought,

Whenever you are done with your decision,

I am still available,

I am still waiting patiently,

To behold the beauty of your face,

To see the light in loving you.




love 2

When you are done with your thought,

I will be right here waiting for you.

Nothing will take my love from you.

I really love you.

I want you to be mine till eternity.




Pictures downloaded from PEXEL.




This is a pure work of imagination and fiction inspired for your reading pleasure.


©mlstcommunications 2018.



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