Are they in hell now?

The original and fresh version of this publication was shared and commented on by many of my friends,colleagues and associates on my facebook Timeline yesterday.

Larger percentage of the comments asserted that this publication is apt and objective by all standard.


Anyway, its objectivity and purpose is not intended to bring the body of Christ down or exposed the weakness of many men of God but it is intended to a large extreme to serve as a light to those who are grossly enmeshed in darkness accompany with the ability to raise Sons and daughters of God who will be independent of deception and misunderstanding of what the basic knowledge of God is all about.


It goes thus:
It is quite appalling and disheartening that I am pushing post of this nature on Sunday Morning because I believe that I should dedicate myself to the ways of God this morning but I believe that those who have an open-mind will understand my drift without being emotional.

When Goodluck Ebele Jonathan((GEJ) was in charge of the affairs of this country displaying an extreme sorts of non-performance,many of our so called Men of God didn’t warn him but they backed him wasting time praying for him.

The masses were tired of his lackadaisical attitude to governance and they were forced to be blindfolded voting for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Though,I am not a politician and I don’t have a PVC but I raised my voice sensitising people about the need to push GEJ out of Aso Rock, meanwhile many of our Men of God were busy prophesying that GEJ will win.

It is not that I am in support of PMB–President Muhammadu Buhari performance going by the promises made by APC which they have not been able to fulfill 30percent of the promises.

As 2019, election draws nearer,our so called Men of God repeated thesame mistake as they did in 2015 bamboozliing their close-minded followers about the need to vote out PMB but this time around they were caught in a web of confusion knowing fully well that the other popular alternative to PMB is also a Muslim.

Some of our Pastors are fond of preaching against Islam but when it comes to politics they give support to Muslim.The question is :

Is christianity not becoming hypocritical in Nigeria?

How can we turn the message of the cross to politics?

How can we subject the message of salvation to political manifestos?


Though the hypocrisy being witnessed in the house of God is not particular and peculiar about Nigeria alone, it is a global religious epidemic that is being witnessed presently which might be one of the signs of the last day.

In the last Election conducted in the United States of America, Donald Trump maximized and capitalized on the emotions of the Evangelical and he optimized their weakness and short-sightedness riding on the roller coaster of their little understanding of what Christianity is all about and they gave him their mandate.


Mandate was given but in the space of two years to the expiration of his tenure when the mid-year election was conducted, we all knew what happened.

At a point,a video clip became trending with a popular man of God threatening with hell fire members of the church who have determined to vote for PMB.The question is:

Is it voting for a particular political party or camping with a particular politician that guarantees hell fire?
The answer is no.

Jesus Christ did not make any statement of such nature.

I shook my head recently when we are doubting if the election of yesterday will hold and someone by my side asserted that a popular man of God prophesy that there won’t be election.I was boiling looking at her when I noticed how gullible some of us are in believing human being than God forgetting that the scriptures says:

“We see in part and we prophesy in part”.–1st Corinthians 13:9.

This scripture should make any reasonable child of God understand that no man on earth has a monopoly to the ways of God including God’s prophecy.

It is quite shameful how hypocritical and enterprising we have turned the message of God to.

On my part,when I realised how overwhelming and time-consuming this political dispensation us becoming,I stayed off by not supporting any candidate because they are bird of a feather which I expected all our Men of God to do rather than making use of the altar of God raising dust about Islamization agenda which we are yet to fathom.


Mind you,if we are not careful,it would be difficult to preach to unbelievers about the message of God because those that are expected to protect it kept playing politics.


Not that I am asserting that Christians should apolitical but we should always strike a balance in our quest to be political just as I asserted sometimes last year when my wife started quoting a particular man of God and I told her that Papa should preach the gospel and allow PMB to rest.


Just as what I picked in a seminar I attended yesterday in Ikeja,the Speaker,a person of  kept reiterating that we should be open-minded.






In this era of confusion across the length and breadth of the world,if you are not open-minded,you will end up being a looser.


I kept asking myself now,the 2019 general election is gradually going to an end and where is hell fire🔥?


This publication is not aimed at giving credence and support to APC and PMB at all but I will advice that PMB should ensure that leadership should focussed on the masses more not on politician.


The masses have given their voices yesterday,let those who are ordained to guide the altar of God from insults and evectives get serious and stick with their calling and if it is low cash flow that is making them to be political,the church should invest more in human capital development not the establishment of private universities and private jets alone can grant solutions.The church can also be a source of Agricultural revolution in this country.

Thank you all.

Happy Sunday.

Let Jesus Christ be the author and finisher of your faith.

Stop defending and being emotionally attached to any man of God.

You might be disappointed.

Once again,

Thank you.



Picture source:

By Adedeji Olalekan–stylomedia.




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