Berating the Nigerian Archeological Reasoning

Though this piece is becoming a late post because the original version was published on Facebook on the 18th of February 2019 but the relevance of it on the recent realities sweeping through the strata of the entire Nigeria Society makes it important and necessary for it to be published for my viewers, readers and followers.


Thus, lets read along with me.


The recent realities of the Nigeria electoral and political scenes reveals to a large extent the archaeological reasoning many Nigerians are.

Without any iota of doubt, many Nigerians are people of the past that boast and brag about past stories of failures and mediocrity orchestrated to canonised recent realities of failures and non-performance on the part our so called leader.

Many become political in their reasoning by thrashing objectivity that could have been a potent source of exhibiting intelligence that could have added value needed to find solutions to the challenges being faced presently.



This could be concluded to be an insult and summarized to be a slap on value-chain addition that could have been optimized to be a source of improving the performance of leaders that have been unable to perform above what is expected from them by the entirety of Nigerians.

Instead of being a voice to challenge mediocrity and non-performance,many preferred giving credence and credibility to non-performance by digging out stories of mediocrity that happened in time past just to make the recent one to have footings to stand upon and a shoulder to lean on.

With this support,whether carried out actively or passively,the beauty and the affinity for mediocrity and ineptitudeness gradually becomes acceptable in the society.

It is appalling that we are in a period of human existence that merit is no longer fashionable and mediocrity has become en vogue to the point that no one gives a damn about the effects of such on the entire human society.

The effects of this can never be underestimated as it’s reflection and impacts are being seen as it tears into shred the fabrics of the entire Nigerian society.

The entire Nigerian society keeps suffering for these sorts of anomalies and abnormalities to the point that the values and premium placed on human life has reduced drastically to a point whereby the best way to address an issue between uniform personnel and an unarmed citizen is to  shoot  at close range.

The value placed on human life in this part of the world is nothing but a reflection of what we have contributed in making our society what it is today.




It will not amount to an extreme conclusion making an assertion that existing and living in Nigeria is suicidal and a risk that its value and cost is difficult to be evaluated and analyzed.

In conclusion, I believed that the Nigeria society needs a shift that could be managed and used in ensuring that credibility and credence are given to merit at any point in time.

The Nigeria society needs urgent overhaul that should be carried out effectively and efficiently for the prevention of a full blown anarchy that could burst on our face at any point in time.


A nation that placed no value or less premium on human life is nothing but a jungle that will soon drift into extreme conflagration.

Thank you.




©mlstcommunications 2019.



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