Kardashian sisters win $10M in legal battle against cosmetic company

The Kardashian sisters just got a lot richer after a judge panel awarded them $10.6 million in their long-running legal battle with a cosmetics company, according to a report by TMZ.

Three years ago, Hillair Capital Management filed a lawsuit against Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West, claiming that the sisters entered into an agreement to promote the Kardashian Beauty line. However, the company said the sisters didn’t tweet about the products, causing them to tank.

The reality TV stars said they had nothing to do with the cosmetics line.

“Over the weekend, new cosmetic products were announced on the Kardashian Beauty cosmetic social media pages with pictures and statements from Kourtney, Kim and Khloe,” a rep for the sisters told TMZ in 2016. “The three Kardashian sisters are not in business with this cosmetic company.”






The Kardashian rep added, “The people selling the Kardashian Beauty brand and their predatory owners knew [the sisters were not a part of the company] and are attempting to mislead the Kardashians’ fans by stating that the Kardashians are still involved. This outrageous conduct is a legal matter and will be dealt with accordingly.”

The case eventually ended up in arbitration.

Citing court documents, TMZ said a three-judge panel sided with the Kardashians and ordered Hillair to pay the women nearly $7.4 million. Hillair was also ordered to pay another $3.2 million in interest.

The Kardashians’ attorneys aren’t confident that Hillair will pay, so they’ve already filed the arbitration decision in Los Angeles Superior Court so that the $10.6 million amount will get locked in.
Hillair, TMZ noted, is expected to appeal the decision.






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