Wishing you an inspirational and motivational weekend.

Never give up in getting up,

You are destined to grow up and get up,

You are destined for the top.

Never mortgage your growth for any frivolity.

Don’t be too busy to get better.

Keep striving!

Keep kicking!!

Keep moving!!!

Keep going!!!!

Keep getting better!!!!!

Ahead of you lies a glorious moment.




inspiration 1

It might be cloudy and rainy now.

Soon, the sun will shine on everything you do.

Don’t give up.

There is light at the end of every tunnel.

You will get there.


The door will soon be open

Great opportunities will soon locate you.


Be patient!!!

The best in you will soon emerge.

In a matter of time,

You shall be celebrated soon

I will soon meet you at the top.





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