I cannot keep this to myself.It will amount to share wickedness overlooking the waves of viewership, readership and followership that my blog space keeps attracting which is quite surprising and unexpected because I still remain an amateur blogger.


My expectation in going into the world of blogging surpassed the present reality but I am appreciative and grateful that in spite of the trial and error approaches that I have been using in keeping my dreams going, so many bloggers are still interested in being part of my dreams and aspiration.


The first month of 2019 garnered and gathered eighty-one bloggers following my blog space.This is quite amazing and surprising.


It is on this observation that I am using this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has been part of my dream from the inception and all those that will be part of my aspiration in the nearest future.


I have an open mind to every ideas and I will be more grateful to any blogger who can partner with me by giving out more ideas that will make me to add more values to myself and people across the length and breadth of the world through my blog space.


There is a need for more collaboration that will ensure greater impact to the entire human race.


I am humbled, appreciative and grateful.


In the light of this, I would like us to keep this fresh inspirational and motivational quote for the month of February 2019 that is fresh and original authored by me this morning.


It reads thus:


“Do not relent in your efforts in adding values to yourself thereby exhibiting the virtues others will live on.

Your consistency in making yourself valuable and being persistent in being a light to your world in your own little way is the essence of you existing on the earthly pedestal.





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