Quite unusual and unexpected when she woke up by herself this morning and after greeting us,she said:

Daddy!!! Today is my birthday.

She kept disturbing her mum asking her to take her to school on time just because today is her day.

She has an unusual ecstasy about her present age and she was so eager to have her birthday with her mates or colleagues in school.


While she was carried away by the ectasy and expected euphoria accompanied with today,I was busy in nostalgia thinking about the waters that had passed through the bridge and what we have experienced and encountered in the journey of parenthood for the past five years.

Parenting is ordained to be a blessing and an addition and without any regret,it has been a source of expansion and enlargement to us.

When I got to her school this morning and I asked after her,I was elevated when the receptionist asked me if I am her father.

There was a feeling of fulfilment that moved softly through my body and I kept asking myself if I am worthy to be called a father at this age of mine.

Without mincing words,we are grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to be a parent at this moment of our life.

Not that we have all but the little we have,has been a source of gratitude to God.

You have been a source of joy and happiness to us.

Recently,your attitude and relationship with me at your tender age made me to feel like asking myself if my parents have not short-changed me.

I reduced my beard recently but while my wife was satisfied with it,my little daughter told me that she didn’t like it and the only thing I could tell her is to assure her that it will soon grow out again and since then she has been asking me about when it is going to become bushy again with her coming closer using her hands fondling with my beard.




You always made my day asking me to come back from work on time.

How I wish my dad and mum gave us ample opportunity to express our feelings and emotions then but then relationship with our parents then has been about obeying the last order.

Today is your day,

Happy birthday to little mama.

Let’s pop champagne.

Have a blast and a swell time.

May the rest of your days be fulfilling.

May God satisfy you with long life and prosperity.

Once again, Happy birthday.

Daddy loves you.

Mummy loves you.

Congratulations to Fadeyi Faith Funmi.

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