Often times than none,we are always tossed around and dragged around accompanied with being pumelled by the embarrassment, harassment and blow of multifaceted challenges that make us to forget and look down on the necessity to bear our minds on the necessity to think deep and see reasons why the need to be appreciative and grateful to the giver of life and everyone who has contributed to a large extent in making our days count and meaningful in the course of the year.

No doubt about it,the outgone year was filled with surprises and peculiarities in terms of victory,defeat,pains,pangs,celebrations,lack and wants, provisions, breakthrough with many hopes and aspirations being shattered and fulfilled.

No matter the part of the divides anyone of us finds himself and herself, whether good or bad,it is expediently necessary for anyone who is in right senses to be appreciative,if not for anything but for the gift of life.

As it is a cultural reality for the beginning of every year to be overwhelmed with prophecies and prayers of good tidings that would be fulfilled while many of the contents of the prophecies always remain a repititive emotional utterances that would remain unfulfilled till the close of age.

Few hours ago,many decisions,determinations and resolutions have been made but all these always go down the drain because they are made without the requisite practical approaches that will enhance the fulfilment by those who made it.

Another year had started rolling out and it is only those who knows how to roll with the year that will end up rolling in the beauty of their aspirations at the end of the year.

Delay, laziness, procrastination, reluctance,slothfulness and lack of focus remain the arch enemy of any human adventure potent enough to make a mess of any destiny no matter how glorious such destiny might be.

The question is:

Will you allow these arch enemies to rob you of your result at the end of 2019?

Let no Oracle or altar deceive you so that you will not be disappointed at the end of 2019.If all the necessary steps are not garnished and spiced with the right practical and workable approaches,all the prophecies and prayers you stayed all night for few hours ago will remain a forlorn hope making you to be miserable when others will be pointing to the fleets of victories they attained in the course of the year.

In other to maintain a balance in my submission,I appreciate everyone around me and my family in 2018 and everyone that will stay in my circle of relationship with others who would be part of me and my family in 2019 will be appreciated.

I remain a bridge that is always yearning for the presence of more traffic at any point in time especially traffic of people that would be an addition to me and my endeavour.

In the light of this,I welcome everyone gloriously into 2019.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and shirts,and let’s subdue the land so that the new year can yield to the desire of our hearts.

I hope that at this time next year,our stories of dominion shall be heard across the globe.

This letter is written to everyone who made my days in time past and to everyone who will thrill my life in the course of the year.

Your suggestions, contributions and observations are welcome and I would be glad to hear from you.

From your son and your brother:


1st of January 2019.


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