I was elated at a top gear few days ago knowing quite well that I am entitled to two days break or holiday and my plan was majorly to spend this break with myself alone and nothing else.

No doubt about it,I fulfilled my goals of spending these two-days break doing nothing but attending to myself and other family cum domestic obligations that have been craving for my attention long time ago.

The entire household was together in one-fold without any one going out except making some transaction outside my gate.

Nothing is more saner, reasonable and meaningful when we are changed to escape the hustling and bustling of the city and we are able to stay at home having our body,soul and spirit in one accord with little or no disturbance.

It is not a bad idea to make ends meet running from one point to another across the length and breadth of the city centre but we need to be aware with all sensitivity and consciousness that often times than none,our drive to hustle in making ends meet is synonymous to the path of death that might give no sign of when death will lurk around.

Anyone that knows this will make sure that there is a need to pedal a break and tread softly in running after the demand of life.

Life is simple and sweet until we understand that the simplicity and sweetness of life is inherent in how we can dedicate precious part of our time and living to escape the hustling and bustling of life and ensure that we rest.

Rest is healthy and good.

It is the best antidote to many lifestyle ailments that are cutting short the life of many people.

It is the best means of maintaining balance in the way we reason,think and view what the essence of life is all about.

It helps in ensuring a good lifestyle that it potent enough to ensure needed sanity that is needed by humanity.

Without any iota of doubt,the last two days have been one of the best moments I had in 2018.

How I wish,I will be entitled to more of days like this.

I feel like it shouldn’t end but man must work and make money.

Just like that,it ended well.


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