Twitter’s Jack Dorsey responds to Myanmar criticism over meditation trip

“I’m aware of the human rights atrocities and suffering in Myanmar. I don’t view visiting, practicing, or talking with the people, as [an] endorsement,” he said on Twitter. “I didn’t intend to diminish by not raising the issue but could have acknowledged that I don’t know enough and need to learn more.”

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The 10 Most Legendary Investors Who Have Ever Lived

We always want to know how our heroes worked their way up from the bottom. When it comes to investing, we want to know how the biggest players got to where they are now – how we can imitate their techniques to grow our own piles of cash. Sadly, Warren Buffett-level success won’t reach the vast majority of our lives – but that can’t stop us from taking as much inspiration from some of the top investors in history. Here are the ten most legendary investors who have ever graced this planet.