What is the rule of nature?

Have you ever wondered and pondered about the multiplicity of human progression in terms of giving birth that accounts for geometrical increase of human population on the earth surface?

Have you ever think about why God allows and commanded the first man and the first woman to produce and fill up the earth surface?

These are some of the questions occupying my mind at this moment that spur me to pen down my thought along this area of inquisitiveness.

Since,you believe in the concept of creation that believed in the fact that God is the creator of everything that is available and obtainable in the world,it will not be difficult for you to accept that our God will not do a thing without such a thing being carried out for a particular purpose.

It can never be difficult and impossible for God to create the first man-Adam and the first woman-Eve alone without allowing other creation to be existing.

The fact that God allows human beings to reproduce and give birth,this simply connotes and denotes that God has a purpose in mind allowing reproduction.

It is an understatement and a sort of short-sightedness for us to believe that the commandment of reproduction by God is without a purpose.

When the understanding of the purpose of a particular endeavour and assignment is understood,there can never be any misinterpretation and misconception that will give room to failure and abuse of such subject matter.

The question is:

Do you understand why the population of the world is close to 7 billion people?

Is it for keeping records and making decisions alone?

In line with the goal of this article,the answers to the aforementioned questions is NO.

We are created and allowed to increase in population in order for us to contribute our quota to the development of the entire human race at one point in time.

This could only be carried out when we understand the concept of the purpose that made God to ensure that our population statistics increased astronomically.

The purpose of God is established in ensuring that the numbers of people across the length and breadth of the world have their purpose being fulfilled in life by any form of contributions that will enhance the dignity of humanity.

We are made to be ensure that the population of world becomes an advantage to us since it will enhance better contributions that will help in making specific progress that will be valuable to ensure that will make the purpose of God to be fulfilled.

Without mincing words,we are created for each other,we are made to be our brothers’keeper by being essentially helpful in adding values to people around us.

No human being is complete and fulfilled without the any trace of such human being been available to offer contributions that will be a source of help and a source of hope to others in the course of existence.

The beauty of our existence surfaces when we are able to point to what we have done in contributing to the life of other people around you.

Little contributions might make a great impact in the life of recepient and the volume of the contributions should not hinder us from making sure that people around us become convenient and comfortable.


Living a supportive and contributory lifestyle that goes a long way in adding values to others promotes and propagates the essence of humanity.This is the major reason why God ensured that humanity should increase via reproduction.

Reproduction is not about procreation, enjoyment and fun alone,it is purpose to increase values through increase in the numbers of mankind walking on the surface of earth.

The earth surface needs more human being that will become a foot soldier whose main focus is to ensure that everything on earth surface witness and experience value chain addition that will be needed to make our world a better place.

Increase in population can never be a curse but a blessing.It is due to misconception and misunderstanding of the purpose of GOD for population increase that makes someone to believe and accept that population growth is a curse.

It is a blessing until you understand that you are created to make others better by contributing to others in one way or the other thereby making our world to become better.

At this point,I believe that you are making efforts in looking out for people around you who are in need of having a better life?

Better life yearned for by this people should not be denied and taking away from anyone who desire it,it should be granted to them without any hesitation,regret and reluctance.

You should arise to make it possible.

Will you?

The rule of nature becomes achievable until you contribute your quota to the wellness and wellbeing of others.


Mlstcommunications 2018.

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