IF YOU CAN BE PATIENT—(10 minutes read)

I have perfected my plan a day before the D-day. I have imagined and sketched my itinerary for the next day consciously aware of what is needed to be done the second day without any mistake or error. My plan for the next day is to find my way out to the browsing café to engage in updating my blog space. I already mapped out the internet or browsing provider in my vicinity that I will patronize.


Alas, the D-day came, in the afternoon, I moved out by taking a bike but when I got to the office of the internet service provider after I alighted from the bike I took, to my complete consternation, the office was under lock and key.


Deep down, I was disappointed, and I was boiling with rage and fury because this is a dent to my plan that might end up scattering into pieces what I have imagined laying hand upon to end up in futility.


As I noticed this, I held my calmness and candor but inside of me was the flow of total dejection and disappointment that I am managing to curtail and control.


While musing over this and while nursing my pain and wound, I decided to just start strolling down for me to maximize the energy that I will be using to stroll down the street to curb the waves of anger that has started overwhelming the fabrics of my being. I used this as a tool to vent my anger and disappointment, but I was confused to an extent because I was bothered about getting an alternative in the form of getting another internet or browsing provider within my vicinity.


At a point, when I got to the prime of thinking about an alternative, I decided to just stroll down to my daughters’ creche to take her back home so that I will just retire home for the day to have my peace because my dream for the day has been shattered without any hope of making something meaningful out of my laid-out plan for the day.


At the point of giving up, I got conscious and sensitive of the fact that there is a internet or browsing center that I could faintly recollect the actual location, but I realized that anytime I am coming back home from work in the evening, I always observe this place even though I wasn’t sure whether I am right or wrong.


Immediately, I hopped a bike again and moved over to the area where my mind was. After few minutes of being conveyed on the back, I got to the area and I was able to locate the office and when I got there, my plan, hope and aspiration for the day saw the light of the day without any form of problem and hassle.


In real life situation, many passed through similar situation daily whereby many plans are being made but it always ends up in futility that will end up in frustration caused by the disappointment that arise from our inability to fulfill whatever our plan for the moment might be,


It is human and reasonable to feel disappointed and dejected when such happen because it is always accompanied with waste of resources and material that could be quite costly and expensive.


Amid this condition, we became emotional and cocky to the extent that we allow our sense of reasoning to be blocked and clogged with waves of emotion.


Being emotional at this point is understandable, reasonable and human.


This is  how the expression of our feelings ought to be in a situation like this.


Nevertheless, what this situation might be, it is quite expedient that a mature mind will look beyond these waves of emotion and allow sense of reasoning to take control of the situation on ground.


The control of our emotion entails and requires nothing but a balance view and analysis of the situation on ground by suspending our emotion and allowing reasoning to take control of the situation on ground.


It is at the point of giving our sense of reasoning to take over that we will be able to have a clearer and a balanced view of the situation that might end up allowing us to have a grip of the situation at hand which might just require nothing but an extensive level of thinking and appraisal that will trigger the needed solution that will make us to achieve whatever our plan might be at a particular moment.


During this form of experience, patience becomes a virtue that is needed by anyone to make something meaningful out of the situation.



The absence of patience will make the situation on ground to become complex and difficult thereby preventing needed solution to fizzle out from the mind of those who are concern.


Patience should take the center stage and it is through patience that the concerned will be able to think deeply to get the needed solution to the plan that is on the verge of being unsuccessful.


Every plan imagined becomes achievable accompanied with the exhibition and reflection of the inherent beauty of the plan when it can be platformed on patience.


It is patience that command needed success that will make the content and concept behind any plan to be propelled to the realm of successful fulfilment.


No one should dream and talk about success when patience is absent as a virtue.


Success and patience go hand in hand rubbing each other hands together for the needed plan to become achievable and attainable.


No patience, no success.


Hence, plan should not be imagined and mapped out for success when the needed patience for it to materialized is absent.


The presence of patience makes every imagined and mapped out plans to become successful.


Those who desire to be successful in life must maximize the inherent virtue of patience that is time sapping as a needed resource for the attainment of their imagined and mapped out plans.


Instead of being emotional, disappointed and down- casted, it is better to exercise patience. Though, the result of being patient might be time sapping and slow, but patience helps in a great way to ensure, attract and command success cheaply without any constraints.


If only you can be patient, your mapped out plans will become successful in the process of time.



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This piece was authored and published on Facebook on the 13th of September 2018 by Isaiah Mainmanspainer Mariere and after reading through I realized that it can be a piece that will inspire and motivate all my readers, viewers and followers.

Permission to publish this piece was obtained from the author and it was granted immediately without any delay.


It goes thus:

Whether you flounder, or flourish is always in your hands—You are the single biggest influence in your life.

Nothing that occurred in your past can have any influence over you except you allow it to.

By bettering ourselves, we can influence the rest of the world to follow.

Be the stillness in the storm and soon others will gather to seek solace in your presence.

Some of the most important decisions I have made might well have been made or might have been very different if it hadn’t been for the influence of the people in my life because we need mentors.

If you feel that you do not have any power to make positive changes in this world, I had had to disagree with you.

To change something means that you must take an active role and not sit back and expect that someone more influential will do it.

It means, instead, that you understand that for each action you make, there is an effect.

To influence doesn’t mean that you must be the leader of a country or a mayor and a noteworthy politician or celebrity.

You understand that each person is a catalyst for positive change even if that positive effort is directed only to one person.


Our influence on others starts with us.

There is no way you can influence others without you becoming better.

It is when you are better off that it will be possible for you to influence other people around you.

It is necessary for everyone that desire to influence others in any given position to always look for means at which such expected influence begins from your ability to go a long way to add to yourself in terms of values that will enhance the virtues needed for the entire human race at one point in time.

This becomes possible when all the available needed avenues are maximized to add to ourselves thereby making the possibility of influencing our immediate environment possible.

The influence that will launch the entire humanity to the point of influence and impacts start from you and it must be ensured that such influence made a mark in the annals of human history.

Human history has been relayed essentially as a product of influences some people made at one point in time in salvaging the plight of mankind from the abyss of despair in the process of time.


In conclusion, it is essentially necessary for each and everyone of us to understand and see reasons in the importance of what our influence can made on the life of people around us.It is until when this is done that the plight of mankind can be altered to create a society whereby value addition will be the yearnings of every inhabitants of such society.


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The 2nd of September 2018 being the first Sunday in the month of September happened to be tagged “COVENANT DAY OF MARITAL BREAKTHROUGH” in my Church. Due to many personal obligations that made me to have far away from Church this year, I made up my mind to avail myself the opportunity of attending the Second Service since I was a bit less busy since I am observing my annual leave.






As preaching and homily was going on and towards the end of the sermon, he preached and prayed about marital breakthrough and he made a particular submission by quoting Ephesian 5 verse 22-33.He asserted that if every marital union can be laid on the foundation of what is chronicled in Ephesian 5 verse 22-33 by all the concerned parties in marriage especially husband and wife, the challenges facing the institution of marriage recently will not surface in any way at all.


Immediately, after making his submission known, I quickly opened my bible and checked what exactly the actual scripture was talking about.


While reading my mind struck a verse, though popular but the later part of this verse has not been really talked about by many Christians and preachers of the word of God.


It was at the point of this inspiration and this uncommon revelation that I decided to push this verse across so that it can also serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to couple in marriage.


Reading through Ephesians 5 verse 23:

“For the husband is the head of the wife, so also Christ is the head of the church; and He is the savior of the church”


In this verse, one could see two important comparison between the husband and Jesus Christ. This verse compares and made the husband to be the head of the wife as Jesus Christ is the head of this church. This comparison and similarities simply connotes:


1.Every husband must be respected and referenced by the wife as Jesus Christ is respected and referenced as the head of the church.

2.As Jesus Christ is the savior of the Church, every husband is also a savior to the wife.


These are the two revelations about the concept of marital union presented by God in this portion of the scripture aimed at given a solid foundation for every marriage needed for success in every home. Though, this has been silenced and lesser people are fond talking about it due to many anti-God concept that is quite available across the length and breadth of the world. The need for this portion of the scripture to become relevant and useful in building a successful marriage has been subjected and subdued by ideologies and philosophies that buttresses on woman emancipation and equality.


Due to misconception of this portion of the scripture and the desire for many people in the world to banish the thought about God from their sensitivity and consciousness, this portion of the scripture has little or no meaning to many people in the sense that the issue of submission from wife to husband has become a thing of the past.


Every woman desires equal stand in the home and this has made many homes to be thrown into confusion resulting in domestic violence and divorce that has been on increase in the recent times.


God’s intention for every home is that husband should love their wife while every wife should ensure that the husband is given the same respect and reference being given to Jesus Christ, although this does not make the husband to any wife to assume the post of Jesus Christ or a totalitarian type of leadership that is aimed in all ramification to subdue a woman basic right.


Being compared in terms of post simply connotes and demand a lifestyle that could be likened to the kind of lifestyle Jesus Christ lived during His earthly ministry.


This verse of the scripture simply placed and apportioned a responsibility on every husband to live a sacrificial and selfless lifestyle just as Jesus Christ lived his life for the salvation and redemption of the entire human race.

Husband should be the head and savior in the home simply connotes and demands a lot of responsibility to the wife and to the entire household.


Husband should be the head and savior to the wife in love and in deeds.


The responsibility of being the head to the wife should be carried out in love and the responsibility of being a savior to the wife should also be carried out in love because it was recorded in the scripture that it is the love that Jesus Christ have for the church that made Him to offer His life as a living sacrifice for the forgiveness of Sin committed by the entire human race through the first man and the first woman named Adam and Eve.


Any marital union that is based and functioned on this scriptural concept and foundation can never be found to have any issue no matter the length of days of the marriage.


Every marriage becomes successful and meaningful when the what is chronicled in the original manual of marriage originated and authored by God is adhered to and followed strictly without any one of the content being subjected and subdued to man’s philosophies the way it is now in the world we are today.


The foundation of marriage should have its root and route in God and it should be executed in accordance to what is authored by God. None of the content should be seeing and viewed as irrelevant and unimportant.


Once the wife understands her role and responsibility in marriage and she is ready to carry it out accordingly and the husband is also willing to answer to the role and responsibility of being the head and savior to the wife, many homes and families across the length and breadth of the world will have peace and the issue of divorce and separation between husband and wife will fizzle out and dwindled completely.


Until, God is allowed to build foundation of marriage through the scripture, successful marriage will be a wishful thinking and a mirage.


Give God a chance in your quest to become married and you will be ensured that you will be successfully married.


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