7 reasons why you need a shoulder to lean on?-(5 minutes read)

Vicissitude of life can be overwhelming at times and the burden of such vicissitude can be difficult to share with others.

The presence of challenges of life which is a common peculiarity to the life of everyone existing on the earthly pedestal always make life uninteresting accompany with stress and inconvenience that makes many people to become hopeless in the course of their earthly sojourn.

Although,the presence of challenges of life is not an alibi for anyone passing through it to throw in the towel but it always drive many people to the point of giving up and losing their grip over the affair of life.

Life could be so funny,interesting and at the same time,it could be harsh and uninteresting.

No matter the reality of life,without any doubt, someone needs a shoulder to lean on as a source of comfort and convenience at a particular point in time in the process of time.

In the light of the above,having a shoulder to lean on is necessary and compulsory because of diverse reasons that if it is maximized appropriately,many people existing on earth will appreciate challenges as fun accompany with them accepting any form of challenges as a source of promotion if it is managed properly.


Responsibilities of life can be so gigantic,visions of life can be so expansive and goals intended to be achieved in life can be so cumbersome.This magnanimity of purpose intended to be achieved in life is what push many people to seek for shoulders to lean on at one point in time.It is the presence of some of these responsibilities that forced many people to believe that they are wallowing in challenges especially when such responsibilities reamined unachievable.

No matter how it is, there is a need for many people to understand the reason why we all need a shoulder to lean on despite the fact that we have our shoulder but it is just that our shoulder might not be strong enough to carry the responsibilities life put on us at one point in time.

The reasons why we all need a shoulder to lean on are:

1.It gives comfort and convenience

2.It speeds up success and accomplishment.

3.It provides possible solutions to any form of challenges.

4.It reduces pressure and stress.

5.It enlarges scope of aspiration and expands area of fulfilment.

6.It broadens source of help.

7.It is one of the easiest means of providing hope and help for people.

These are some of the basic reasons why a shoulder to lean on is needed for everyone who desire to make an impact in life.

A shoulder that is ready and available for others to lean on should be sought for by anyone who has been wallowing in challenges.This might be the solution to any form of challenges that has defy solution but there is a need for someone to recognise and accept any shoulder that is willing to accept you putting your challenges on the shoulder.

In conclusion, no matter how deep and burdensome the challenges of life might be to you,there is a responsibility on you to seek for a shoulder to lean on.

This might be the solution to the challenges staring at you for so long.





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