Military Spendings In Africa – A Review

Throughout the 20th century, many African countries were on the brink of a civil war, with no proper military force, many countries had to go through a process of rebuild and reform, resulting in the establishment of a newly formed and strong military to defend its people. The following list presents 10 African countries and their rich history, alongside their military power – measured spending and personnel, and how they compare to other countries in Africa or the world in total.

7 reasons why you need a shoulder to lean on?-(5 minutes read)

Responsibilities of life can be so gigantic,visions of life can be so expansive and goals intended to be achieved in life can be so cumbersome.This magnanimity of purpose intended to be achieved in life is what push many people to seek for shoulders to lean on at one point in time.It is the presence of some of these responsibilities that forced many people to believe that they are wallowing in challenges especially when such responsibilities reamined unachievable.