I need one more chance.


Never knew we could go this far,

Never knew I could offend you,

Never knew I could be on an unbended knee,

Never knew that my love for you is deep.

To err is human,

To forgive is divine,

Divinity has forgiven my errors,

I am in need of your forgiveness.

No doubt about it,

I was distracted,

I left you uncared for,

I wasted my time looking at other mundane,

I took you for granted,

Eventuality,my mind keep telling me not to leave you behind.

Now,I have weighed the two sides,

I have seen all,

What I needed to know,

Have been seen,

All I needed to see,

Have been seen.

Now, I could relay my story better,

Now,I could make the right judgement,

I have run after shadow,

Now,the reality has dawn on me.

I am back to seek for your forgiveness,

I am back to take your…

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