Do you have a lyric?–(8 Minutes Read).

At a point in the course of the year,it was ‘assurrance’ by Davido, recently it was ‘fever’ by Wizkid featuring Tiwa Savage and ‘ stew’ has been the hottest slang dominating the mouth of everyone especially in Nigeria.Just few weeks after, gospel crooner wow us with ‘Logan’ and since then some of us have not recover from this lyrics composed and sang by Tope Alabi.

Year in,year out,we have been touched by one music or the other.While some of this music are inspirational,others were known for fun, pleasure and relaxation.

Some music are prophetic and evergreen reigning after the demise of the author.

The list of some of these musicians that have produced evergreen music across the length and breadth of the world remains endless and others keep adding to the number every moment.

At a particular point,I kept asking myself if there is anything special and specifically important about all these mentioned and known lyricists and musicians but what I observed is that they are not important than every other person living or dead.

It was just that they are people who made up their minds to put their names down inscribed in gold on the mind of every other person.

They captured our mind and their influence on our existence is always overwhelming that some of us take them as our role model.

The truth about everyone of us is that we are wired and moulded with lyrics that are waiting to be written down and composed into music that people around us are waiting for it to be produced but what is holding us down?

Understanding our purpose on earth is the main reason why some of us are able to make an impact.Without understanding,we will remain a silent voice waiting to be heard in the remotest part of the world.

We are wired with lyrics and the music from our lyrics might turn around tables that have refused to make impact for many years.

Don’t be confused.

I am not forcing you to become Nightingale,Bob Marley,Micheal Jackson,Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and etals but my drift is that our imagination is rich and wealthy enough to change our life and that of people around us.

Many people around us are waiting for our stories and they are relying on what we put down as the only source of inspiration but we are getting it wrong by being mute and quiet to look for means and opportunities that will make our stories known to people around us.

That news you keep to yourself,that story you left unwritten,all the books you refused to publish,that song you refused to render and all that experiences,knowledge and testimonies bottled up by you will be irrelevant while you are in the grave and by then,you would have thrown many people into a state of confusion just because you were unable to tell them what is necessary for them to become the best of themselves while they are living.

We are all made and filled with lyrics as long as we are still alive.

Everyday and every moment present a lyrics for everyone to sing about.

Though,it is not all of us that can make a music out of our music but we all have the inbuilt capacity and talents to put it down in words,orally and verbally.

Many musicians decided to make a living out of their lyrics and they ended up becoming a superstar and a megastar with billion of dollars being raked in accompany with popularity and awards.

They ended up becoming a voice by opening their mouth to sing but many of us decided to remain dumb by keeping the lyrics disturbing our heartbeat in check.

We complained about contents that are available now that are anti-human in all ramifications but our complaints will remain meaningless until we braced up and build a platform for ourselves whereby our voice will be heard and we will able to correct the wrongs that are overwhelming the entire human society.

While we keep complaining and lamenting about moral decadence that has totally engulfed our society,our society will remain as it is or become worse off until you are able to push out or sell out your view in your own version and ensuring that our contents is marketable and acceptable by the society in its entirety.

While Fela Anikulapo Kuti remains a voice even after his demise,many of us that are still alive can still maximised the little moment at our disposal to air our view to the entire human society.

It is unnecessary to be a musician but it is mandatory for your voice to be heard through diverse means available at your disposal.

Till we meet again on this platform,keep asking yourself this question:

When will you sing my lyrics?

When will the world listen to your voice?

Is it now or later?




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