The quality of your life.—(5minutes Read)

It is exactly one year that I push this write-up across.I stumbled on it right now and I believed it will have an impart and impacts on my readers in their desire to understand the purpose of life through the message of redemption.

And it goes thus:

The quality of our life is a function of the quality of life we spend with divinity.A life guarded and guilded by rules and regulations of divinity that has its core values derived from God through the throne of grace can never be devoid of authority and influence on earth.

The commandment of God and every other dictates of the word of God was given to us for the purpose of:

  • Correction
  • Instructions
  • Teaching
  • Inspiration.

Every genuine believer has been commissioned and empowered to be an influence to our world and it is pertinent for all to achieve this feat by relying and…

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