PERSONAL REALITY—(5 Minutes Read).

I am not in competition with anyone but I am in competition with myself.
My goal is to compete with myself until I complete my competition to the point of becoming the best the competition with myself can offer.

Those who sees life as a race and a platform to fan the amber of competition becomes miserable by running after the achievements of others without taking their time to understand what the parties involved has sacrificed in the past before becoming what they are today.

In essence,the best of you emerges when you do everything to flourish in a place of destiny where God planted your feet.

No matter how rough and tough the place might be,always remember that while other Israelites were being enslaved in Egypt,Moses their brother had a groovy moment in the palace despite the fact that his forefathers were being enslaved by the Egyptian gods and taskmaster.

When you find yourself at the centre of God’s plan and purpose for your life,no situation and enmity can uproot you.

Competition kills God’s vision and purpose.It triggers unhealthy rivalry,rat race,enmity and jealousy,and all these can be attributed to witchcrafing.

Understand the plan and purpose of God for your life and you will stop being disturbed by other people’s accomplishment which will end up empowering you to become the best of yourself because the time you invested in competing with others would be spent on yourself by discovering yourself.

If every inhabitants of the world can understand the mystery of self-discovery as it pertains to individuals conception,the evil existing on earthly pedestal will dwindle and fizzle out gradually and later completely because the evil that is triggered by jealousy ends up making so many people to suppress and oppress others who could be regarded as being weak and less privileged.


Understanding and having the basic knowledge of the reality of your existence and where you belong in divine arrangement will help in having a deep grasp of the concept of divine timing which will allow you to be patient in running after your desire in the course of your existence on earth.


Not that competition is bad in itself but it should not an end in itself, it should be a means to an end.Once,it is coloured and packaged in extremism,it has lost its purpose to be a source of addition  to the essence of humanity as it is expected by every human on earth.


The purpose of God creating us and giving us a chance to be in existence becomes a reality when we have deep understanding of God’s plan and purpose for our life at the point of creation because every creation of God is wired with purpose that must be fulfilled but fulfilling it has been a hard nut to crack for many inhabitants of the world thereby forcing many to envy people who are able to live at the centre of God’s purpose leading to unhealthy rivalry and unnecessary competition .



Thank you.



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